Small Steps to Big Changes

Small Steps to Big Changes

The cold, winter period is behind us, and summer is fast approaching. If you have lost your shape during the past period, you will probably want to regain your appearance, training and fitness. All you have to do is make a decision. However, sometimes it is “just a very difficult and big step”. So, make yourself better organized, give up some things and finally, start working on yourself. To begin, read the following text. You will see that even small steps can lead to big changes in your physical appearance.

The first week

Start with training

Start training. Train as much as you like, do exercises that you like, don’t dwell too much on one muscle game. Your goal is to get moving and feel better, not to get inflamed in the beginning. 3 30-minute workouts a week is something that will help you overcome the initial crisis and move on to the next level.

Second week

Cardio training

Gradually step up your cardio workout. Change the devices you do aerobic training on. This will avoid monotony, and at the same time experiment with the duration and intensity of the exercises. If you don’t even have enough energy on a certain day, do light intensity cardio, but for 45 minutes. When you feel you have the strength you need, do interval training with a change of speed every 30 seconds.
Go out in nature, run, ride a bike.
At the same time, start taking care of your diet. Changes should not be drastic. First, replace 3 large meals with 5 smaller ones, reduce your carbohydrate intake. Each meal should contain different types of high-protein foods.

Third week

FIber food

At this stage, we focus on nutrition. Of course, trainings are still relevant, with increased intensity of exercises.
Take out all the sweets, replace the juices with water and green tea. Increase the intake of fiber foods, get protein into the body.

Fourth week

Intense Training

If you feel you can, increase the intensity of your training. You don’t have to have a strict training plan, stick to it roughly. However, keep in mind that you should not neglect any muscle part.
Also, don’t forget to stick to your diet.


This text is not intended to reveal secrets that you did not know until now. All this is well known to most. But it may serve as a reminder of the facts you have suppressed and which represent a well-designed program to achieve the goal. Therefore, take small steps towards big changes.