Simple Way to Strengthen Your Muscles with Exercises in Water – Aquabik

Simple Way to Strengthen Your Muscles with Exercises in Water – Aquabik

How to “cheat” the heat at the same time tighten your muscles? Simply exercises in the water and thus strengthen your muscles. This program, called “Aquabik”, you can report yourself, without the help of an instructor. It is enough to have a bathing suit and good will by the sea, river or pool.

Why do aquabik exercises

The way to perform these exercises is much simpler than others. When we are in the water, our body is much lighter. The load when exercising in water is reduced by about 50% of our weight. This exercise is recommended for everyone, the elderly, even pregnant women. The risk of injuries is reduced, as well as the possibility of overheating the body. Also, these exercises are effective for people with excess cliogram. In addition, if you have pain in the spine or joints, as well as soft tissue injuries, these exercises are ideal for you. If you do them only because of good looks, you should exercise for up to 60 minutes, several times a week.

How to perform aquabik exercises

Before each workout, you need to do basic stretching exercises and drink plenty of fluids during the exercises, because the body is dehydrated.

Aquabick exercises.

– To strengthen the abdomen, if you are in the pool, lean your back against the wall and hold your hands on the edges of the pool. Only the upper half of the body is above the water. Stretch your legs and do “scissors” up and down 10 times. Do the same to the side, which will give you a slimmer waist. You can also do this exercise on your stomach. In that case, connect your legs and lift them from the bottom to the surface of the water, also 10 times.

– To strengthen your legs – stand so that the water is up to your waist, do squats, with arms outstretched. Do two sets of 10 times. Run in place for 20 minutes. Time will reduce the mass of deposits on the thighs. Also, you can walk in this place. with Nordic walking sticks.

– To tighten the inside of the thigh, bend the right leg at the knee, lift it to hip level and return to the starting position. Repeat up to 10 times with one leg and then the other. Do the same exercise with outstretched legs.

– Another exercise for tightening the thighs – bike “ride”. You can perform lying down, with your arms outstretched or holding on to the edge of the pool. At the same time, you bend your legs at the knees and raise them to the waist. It would be ideal to do this in two series, from minutes of “driving”.

Pool exercies.

– You will strengthen your arms as follows: separate your legs, bend your arms at the elbows. Open your palms and rotate your arms at the wrist, as if boxing. Do this in 3 sets of 30 seconds each. You can also swim breaststroke, so you will come under one hold the bottle in the armpit, and swing with the other hand and legs in the usual way. Do 3 sets of 30 seconds each, with one hand, then the other.


Summer has arrived, and you are at the pool, river or sea. In addition to refreshing, you have the opportunity to “move” your body and shape it to the desired shape by “aquabik” exercises. Use it.