Several Instructions for Training, by Body Type

Several Instructions for Training, by Body Type

We know very well that everyone, with the appropriate activity, can achieve a dramatic change in the appearance of their body. The means to achieve that goal is, of course, bodybuilding. Its basic components are training and nutrition. However, in order to be maximally successful in that, we need to know the strengths and weaknesses of our individual genetics. We believe that you will use a few instructions for training according to your body type for your progress.

There are 3 basic types: endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. Note that most people do not fall exclusively under any of them. But we believe that you can find yourself in one of the listed types and discover the dominant characteristics.

Body type 1. – endomorph

Characteristics: large bones, wide waist and hips, short muscles.


Tip: focus on burning calories In the gym, be sure to do cardio. Train faster, with short breaks between sets. Don’t limit your carb intake too much. Endomorphs often have lower energy levels than others. Emphasize the lateral part of the shoulder muscles and the upper back. Minimal work on the muscles of the hips and side abs. Also, do lateral lifting and upright rowing. In addition, lifting on the shaft will help you increase the width of the upper body.

Do the exercises in the first part of the training instructions, when you are the strongest and freshest.

Ectomorph – body type 2.

This type is characterized by thinner bones, longer limbs, narrow shoulders and waist. They usually have a lot of energy and a fast metabolism.

Suggestion: Eat more calories and protein. Keep your workouts short, hard and intense. Rest longer between series. Do not work larger muscle parts more than once in 5 days. Avoid cardio. Do full stretching of the muscles before and after training Basically, multi-joint exercises that involve large muscle groups are suitable for you. Focus on exercises that emphasize the lower muscle segment.

Get yourself plenty of sleep, in order to recover faster.

Body type 3. – mesomorph

They are naturally muscular, with a large thoraco-rib cage. They gain weight easily. Bodybuilders are the ones who are classified in this group. This type is the best for success in body building. However, one should be careful. Due to the quickly visible results, they are most prone to overtraining.

Tip: Take care of a balanced exercise program. Combine complex and isolation exercises. Let your program involve high intensity training with a moderate number of sets.