Interesting – Whether Female Bodybuilders Lose Their Femininity?

Interesting – Whether Female Bodybuilders Lose Their Femininity?

Many women who exercise with a weight load often wonder if these are the right exercises for them. They are probably in fear of overdoing it with physical exertion and gaining excessive physical weight. Sometimes they make mistakes and equate body shaping exercises with weight lifting. So, let’s try to clarify – do female bodybuilders lose femininity?

Bodybuilding and femininity

First of all, let’s be clear – body shaping exercises, weight training, fitness and bodybuilding cannot negatively affect a woman’s appearance. Female characteristics come from your appearance, the way you dress and behave. So, your very appearance and the way you present yourself, speak of your femininity. Specific exercises can only improve your curves. They can make your waist narrower, tighten your buttocks and tighten the shape of your legs. As a result, you get the look of a modern, healthy and well-built woman. An attractive body can only emphasize how you look and feel. By strengthening your body, of course your mind and soul, you create your own appearance.

Practical advice

Here are some tips if you want to stay feminine while doing weight training exercises:

  • Remember the difference between weightlifting and bodybuilding. When lifting weights, the main goal is to lift as much weight as possible. Bodybuilding is the shaping and building of the body.
  • Don’t be afraid that the weight load will make you less feminine. On the contrary, these exercises can only improve and emphasize your feminine nature.
  • Outside of the gym and workout, emphasize your femininity by dressing appropriately, expressing yourself, and behaving. Your thoughts and feelings will also help you with that.
  • Don’t compare yourself to professional athletes or female bodybuilders. You play this sport for completely different reasons. Your goal is, in addition to shaping the body, to develop self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to raise your health to a higher level.
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In any case, you are a person who controls and dictates the level and amount of exercises. It will certainly determine you and keep your femininity.