Do Some People Get in Shape Easier Than Others?

Do Some People Get in Shape Easier Than Others?

Physical activity is an essential part of getting in shape. However, some people get in shape easier than others, primarily because genes mainly determine an individual’s response to an activity. No two people in the world are entirely the same – we each have our own background, circumstances, way of life, motivations, traits, etc. In short, we are all unique. Therefore, no two people can be in the same situation and achieve their goals completely the same. Many factors come into play when we talk about losing weight and how easy or hard it can be for each of us. We’ll break some of them down in this text.

Base metabolism

Young and old people are training together.

If you imagine calories as fuel, then your body’s metabolism is the engine. The bigger the engine and the faster it goes, the more fuel it burns. This is why professional bodybuilders can eat thousands and thousands of calories each day and remain lean. Some people have a naturally higher metabolism than others, and your age and sex also have a considerable impact. However, you can also increase your metabolism by being more physically active, practicing yoga for stress relief, and eating more often.


Hormones are the method our body uses to adapt to its environment and survive. They determine some of the most basic functions, such as when to store fat, when to burn more energy, when to build muscle, and many, many others. Your hormone levels and balance can be affected by many things, from your genes, your age, your lifestyle habits to daily activities and events. For example, high amounts of stress increase your cortisol levels, which in turn reduces weight loss as your body enters “self-preservation mode.” You can treat hormonal imbalance with home remedies but be sure to visit a doctor if the problem is more severe.

You can do many more things to tip the balance of hormones in your favor, starting with a healthy diet, being physically active, having a regular sleep cycle, positive social interactions, practicing meditation, etc.

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By lifestyle, we don’t necessarily mean just your regular “eat healthily and exercise” mottos. Instead, this pertains to the entire set of circumstances by which you live. Do you have regular shifts at work or not? How much sleep do you get, and how regularly? Do you have children? Do you have a medical condition? Are significant portions of your time dedicated to unavoidable obligations each day? Moreover, are you happy with your social and love life? Is there anything in your life making you miserable? How much money do you have? All these things will affect how much time and energy you’re able to commit to achieving your goals, how motivated you can be, and even your very metabolism and hormone levels.

Even though some people get in shape easier than others, there are many ways to motivate yourself to stay fit. With proper time planning and high motivation, weight loss and getting in shape is always achievable.


While many of us may share similar goals, especially when it comes to getting in shape, we all have our motives, reasons, character, triggers, weaknesses, and strengths. Some of us are more persistent than others, some are more easily motivated, and some are more likely to give in to temptation. Some are better at building habits and are fine with various diets. Others are very passionate about a healthy way of life and find that CrossFit is an absolute hit. Whichever category you find yourself in, moving towards your goals one small step at a time will always make you an achiever, as long as you keep moving.

Two men doing anaerobic exercises, showing that some people get in shape easier than others.

Genetics – the main reason why some people get in shape easier than others

While all of the factors mentioned above can be affected and changed by your own actions and decisions, your genes aren’t something you can pick or change. Some of your main characteristics are defined by them. They play a big part in your height, body type, and even metabolism. Does this mean that you should simply point at a Hollywood celebrity and say, “Oh come on! Look at them, they are built like a Greek god, life isn’t fair, I’ll never look like that”, and just give up? Of course not. You work with what you have.

Listen to your body, figure out what does and does not work for you, what your strengths are, and what makes you feel good in your skin. In this day and age, more than ever before, none of us need to be slaves to our own genes – we have all the tools we need to make the most out of any circumstances.

Using the knowledge

Taking into account everything we mentioned above, what can you do to make getting in shape as easy and efficient as possible? There are some tried and true methods, which we’ll list below:

  • Physical activity – Any kind is good. Strength training (weights, anaerobic exercises, etc.) is the best, as it encourages your body to burn calories even when resting. A kettlebell can be a great tool to get in shape. It’s universal and very versatile because you can use it in many exercises.
  • Food – Consider this twice as important as physical activity. There are dozens of popular and effective diets out there. We won’t tell you which one is best; that’s up to you to figure out. They all work if you stick to them. Try a few out, and decide which one you find the easiest and most effective.
  • Sleep – If you’re not getting sufficient sleep and not sleeping regularly, you’re sabotaging your efforts. Lack of sleep prevents your muscle recovery, disrupts your hormone balance, increases stress. You get the picture.
  • Fun – If you’re not enjoying yourself and don’t have ways of blowing off steam, you’ll only end up frustrated, unhappy, and ready to give up. Never forget to find the time to enjoy yourself and the things you do.

Please keep in mind: Not everything has the same effect on everyone in the same amount. What someone finds easy, someone else finds hard. Don’t blindly follow all the advice – find what you’re comfortable with, and adapt.

Man having kettlebell training outside.

Final thoughts

So, do some people get in shape easier than others? Sure. We’re all different people, and we all live different lives. But can we all get in shape? Absolutely. You may have a steeper mountain to climb than some people, but you’ll love yourself all the more for it when you reach the top. Good luck, and keep climbing.