Interesting Facts about Street workout

Interesting Facts about Street workout

If you’ve ever seen someone running around the playground in sportswear, chances are they’re a Street Workout fan. Such outdoor trainings are a collection of interesting, fun and at the same time beautiful exercises that have long become a popular pastime that combines elements of gymnastics, athletics and calisthenics. Unlike the gym, where you have to lift heavy weights, Street Workout is practiced with your own weight and the weight of the weights, if necessary later. Let’s take a closer look at what “street training” is and how it affects your lifestyle. Here we go!

What is Street Workout

The title does not convey the essence of Street Workout. After all, this is a whole movement, a culture, and even a full-fledged philosophy. Street training combines elements of many sports such as gymnastics, athletics and especially calisthenics. Therefore, an uninformed person often confuses the types of these sports.

Street workout is a specific way of training in which one’s own body weight is used as a load, defying gravity itself. With such a way of training we can achieve an extremely high level of flexibility, motor skills such as strength, coordination, endurance, precision, speed, etc. and develop greater muscle mass.

History of street exercise

The roots of street training go back to ancient Greece. But despite such long-standing origins, they only revived in the 21st century in Eastern Europe, Russia and the United States. Street Workout in particular began to develop in New York City in slums where people could not afford to go to gyms. Instead, they used everything around them to train them, including playgrounds, benches and any kind of bar.

Street Workout VS Gym

So, street training or gym, which is better? We thought it would be wrong to impose your opinion on you and it is better to list the benefits of each of these trainings so that you can make your choice later.

What are the benefits of street training?

Street workout
  1. First of all, this training is absolutely free! 2.
  2. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership.
  3. No need for exercise equipment, bars and a horizontal bar are enough.
  4. You can do this anytime and anywhere, whether it’s a park, a street or your home.
  5. You can be creative without sticking to standard exercises.
  6. Natural body movements allow you to feel and understand your physiology at the most difficult levels.
  7. There are no rules.

What are the benefits of working out in the gym?

Gym workout
  1. The gym is good for training during the cold season.
  2. Subscription keeps some people focused and motivated. The principle works: ‘If I pay for it, I have to make an impact’.
  3. It is useful for beginners, because there are personal trainers who will create a program for you and show you the correct technique of performing exercises.