Interesting Examples of Breaking the Training Rules

Interesting Examples of Breaking the Training Rules

Training is not an exact science. You have to constantly set new challenges for your muscles. But, that sometimes also means deviating from the usual, generally accepted regulations. Learn how, when and why to break the rules of training. In this text, we will list 5 cases in which, sometimes, you can “skip” the rules that apply in the field of training.

Medium and small number of repetitions

For most exercises, the average number of repetitions is recommended (8 to 12), and for complex strength exercises, experts suggest a smaller number (4 to 7).

The problem arises when the muscles, over time, get used to the same way of exercising and start to progress less. In other words, there is stagnation. So, try this – instead of 8 reps, do 30, or instead of 12 reps of lifting your toes, you try to do 100. Don’t worry. Your muscles will certainly react with inflammation. This attack will be a real shock therapy for them and they will “wake up” and start growing. However, be careful. Do this only periodically, for example – once a month.

Rule No.2. – train big games before small ones

This is a very good rule and should rarely be broken. Because, if you exhaust a smaller muscle before a bigger one, it will reduce the strength in the exercises for a bigger game.

But there is a good example where this rule can be reversed. Train the back box before the quadriceps. The back box often lags behind and has a supporting role in front box training. Bring them into balance.

Adhere to the program – rule no.3.

Of course, this is an ideal recommendation for beginners, who gain discipline in this way. However, most experienced and advanced exercisers often violate them. The training program is not a predetermined straight line by which you have to go to the goal. Sometimes it is good to deviate from the established path and try something different. Many bodybuilders often change the scheme of their exercises, in order to prevent the muscles from falling into a steady track. They train according to their instinct and listen to what their body tells them

Recommendation No. 4 – diet plan

Adherence to a diet plan is the easiest rule to avoid.

Nothing is easier than the occasional “trip” to the realm of fast, high-calorie or unhealthy food. An occasional “cheating meal” can make it easier for you to persevere on your path to a healthy diet.

If nothing else, it will definitely help break the monotony and make your diet easier. But. take care. Limit this deviation to at least once a week.

Rule No.5. – mass exercises

The fact is that the squats, bench presses and free weight exercises are the best for building muscle mass. This is an opinion that is accepted in all hardcore gyms. If you have made your exercise plan according to this, still try the exercises that you normally neglect. You will see that there is no single way to build muscle mass.

And finally

So, we have presented you 5 scenarios when it is permissible, sometimes even useful, to break the training rules. But there is also a rule about violating them: do it only occasionally. Basically, adhere to the established norms and the result will not be missed.