I’m Starting to Train Seriously on Monday!

I’m Starting to Train Seriously on Monday!

Every year, at the end of December, we hear (and give) New Year’s promises and decisions about leaving bad habits, which will take effect on January 1 next year. One of those firm decisions is “I’m starting to train seriously from Monday”.

I'm starting to train seriously on Monday! - A girl is thinking about training at Monday.

It is quite unclear why Monday would be ideal for starting the train plan, no matter what it refers to. It usually happens that a person, giving these “holiday promises”, is actually completely unprepared to carry them out. If a given decision is implemented, most people postpone the appointment, or even give up.

What do we need to do to still keep the promise given to ourselves?

Take the right position

If you have the wrong attitude towards fitness, you have already prepared the ground for failure. Most people see training as an obligation, a waste of time, punishment for an unhealthy lifestyle, inability to adjust training to obligations and the like.

Therefore, change your attitude. Learn to look at training differently and admit to yourself that the listed reasons are actually just excuses, not to mention lies that you are deceiving yourself with.

Change the perspective of observation and look at the exercise from a different angle. Tell yourself that the workouts are:

A break from a stressful day

A way to raise your energy and mood levels

The only period when you are dedicated only to yourself

A chance to rest your brain and indulge only in physical activity

A way to improve your lifestyle

Find motivation for serious coaching

Motivation will not appear all at once. Also, it will not always be of the same intensity. It changes from day to day. It is up to you how you will adapt to these changes and how you will change goals, depending on the conditions. .No strength of will is enough for you. Even the most persistent exercisers are not always in the same mood for training. We all have good and bad days, ups and downs.

And, while some manage to stick to the set plan, there are a large number of those who, due to “objective circumstances”, miss training, violate the diet, etc.

Your plan – your goals

To keep your motivation always at the same level, we recommend that you make your own training plan. It will be much easier for you to stick to what you set for yourself. You know that it is solely your decision and you will feel responsible for yourself. You know best what also, you yourself have the best insight into your preferences and abilities. Let your training be as effective as it is interesting. you get too exhausted, because then there is a possibility that you give up quickly. But, don’t do too light exercises, because then they won’t have an effect. Find the right measure, listen to your organism.

Also, set yourself a deadline, set a date by which you want to achieve the desired result. These are all your decisions, which you will be proud of in the end.

Enjoy the results

I'm starting to train seriously on Monday! - A girl is enjoying the results of training.

After a few months you will have reason to be proud of yourself. Not only because you will look and feel better. You will be proud of yourself that you had enough strength to give up your earlier lifestyle, but also because the result of everything is your decision and your contribution.