How To Motivate Yourself To Go Running In Winter

How To Motivate Yourself To Go Running In Winter

Keeping up your running schedule in the winter can be a difficult task. When the weather is bad and it’s freezing, it can be difficult to get yourself motivated. However, there are many things you can do to keep yourself motivated and healthy in the winter months. Exercising in the winter can also improve your mental health. By making small changes to your routine and habits, you might find it a lot easier to go out on your running routes during winter. 

Warm Up And Stretch 

Winter stretching

Before you do anything in the day, make sure you do an extensive stretching and warming up routine. When the weather is cold, you could risk significant injury by not doing this properly, especially because your muscles tighten in the colder weather. Do an extensive warm-up and stretch in your home to increase your core temperature, making it easier to just get out there and run. Adding something special that will warm you up like a cup of tea or coffee can also make preparing for your run much nicer, and adding a warm bath or shower after your run can also help with creating a good winter running routine. 

Don’t Go It Alone

Running couple

It can be difficult to keep yourself motivated by yourself. Joining a running group or creating one with your running friends can be a fantastic way to make your run social throughout the winter months. Making your winter run a social event could make getting out and running a lot easier than without. Furthermore, it could also be a lot safer to go out running in a group rather than just on your own. When it is darker and the roads are more treacherous, it can be a good idea to have other people out with you in case you have an accident or injury. 

Be Flexible

In the winter months, the weather can chop and change quite frequently. The mornings might be incredibly cold and wet, so it’s not a good idea to only stick to a certain timeframe. Being flexible with your running times is a good way to keep the habit up. If you’re consistently having a miserable run due to the weather, you are more likely to give up. Be flexible on your running schedule to make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance of missing the worst of the winter weather. 

Don’t Risk Injury

When the roads are icy and dangerous, your chance of a running injury goes up by quite a significant amount. When it is dark, it is more difficult to see the road you are running on as well.  Furthermore, running a lot in treacherous weather can really put a strain on your body. Taking rest days when the weather is particularly bad will allow you to let your body recover, which is crucial for your health and fitness. It’s better to miss a day of running than have an injury that stops you from running for months. 

Wear Warm Clothes

Winter running

You might want to resist wearing clothes that are too warm because of the sweat that you produce during your run. However, in the winter, it’s important that you keep warm so you don’t harm your body. Wearing warm clothes in the winter can actually improve your running performance. Why not wear a full tracksuit so your arms and legs are fully covered? Wearing a base layer that is made from moisture-wicking fabric can stop you from getting too sweaty. Pairing this with some warm long-running socks and a warm hat and gloves can really keep the winter chill out on cold mornings. You should also consider wearing reflective light accessories to make sure people can see you on dark winter days. 

While keeping up the running habit in the winter can be difficult, introducing these things into your day-to-day routine can make it a bit easier.