How To Create Health-Focused New Year’s Resolutions That You Will Stick To!

How To Create Health-Focused New Year’s Resolutions That You Will Stick To!

New year is often a special time for many people as they make hopeful resolutions about how they plan to improve their lives, whilst most people mean what they say in the moment it is too common for new years resolutions to get scrapped too soon without any real effort to stick to them. This article offers several ways people can motivate themselves to keep pushing themselves whilst exercising.

Exercise Apps

Exercise apps

Exercise apps can help you keep track of your fitness journey as you go, they will allow you to compare your fitness abilities when you first start exercising to your progress a few months down the line. Exercise apps can track how far you run and how fast you run certain distances, you can also find more gym-focused exercise apps that keep track of how often you go to the gym and can even give you tips and videos which can help your form when working out.

Smart Wear

Smart wear can do everything that a smart app can do, but more accurately and with more features. Smartwear options such as fitness watches or fitness trackers can track various metrics such as heart rate, and pace frequency. Smartwear can be easier to carry when out and about on a run than caring around your mobile phone.

Play Audio While You Workout Or Go For A Run

Exercise with music

Listening to music whilst you are working out can be a powerful motivator to help your mind focus on other things than actually exercising. When you stop thinking too much about exercise and actually do it you are more likely to push yourself harder as you can distance yourself from the discomfort you may feel. You could also listen to a wide range of podcasts, some of which are exercise focused so you can get tips and advice from athletes and sport professionals during your exercise routines.

Be Realistic And Create Micro-Goals

By splitting larger goals into smaller, more manageable goals you can achieve your goals in a more simplistic and less intimidating way. Each time you surpass each of your micro goals you will be one step closer to achieving your larger fitness goals, before you know it you will be well on the way to achieving your larger goals. Additionally each time you pass a goal you will likely feel good about yourself, surpassing personal goals can be addictive due to the positive feelings they cause people to feel; meaning each time you pass a goal you could be propelling yourself towards the next one!

Make A Pros And Con’s List On Achiving Your Goals

Pros and cons list

Puttting the benefits of achieving your goals into writing allows you to have a written document that you can refer back to whenever you are feeling unmotivated can be a powerful tool to force yourself to exercise even when you don’t want to. Additionally you should also write a list of negative things that will happen if you don’t exercise, for example you won’t lose weight or build muscle.

Dress For The Occasion

Make sure you have appropriate exercise clothing, you should purchase a gym top at the very least as these have sweat wicking abilities that mean that the material dries quickly; meaning that sweat doesn’t build up causing you to feel uncomfortable. You can also wear gym tops for several times whilst working out before having to wash them, whereas if you were to bring a regular t-shirt to a gym work out or run they are normally siguar use because of how much sweat they soak up. Also instead of wearing heavyweight tracksuits you should opt for a pair of running trousers for a more breathable running experience.

Make A Food Diary

Diet plan

If you are looking to lose weight and are concerned about your diet you could simply write down everything you consume each day and find out how much fat, saturates, sugar and salt there are in each component of your diet and see if you are within the NHS recommended limit. Writing down everything you eat may inspire you to become more mindful about what you eat and cut down on unnecessary junk food and opt for healthier, more filling food instead.

You can also find digital food diaries that you can download as apps on your phone, where you enter the food you have eaten throughout the day and the app automatically totals the nutritional information of all the food and drinks you have consumed throughout the day. Often letting you know if you have consumed too many caloiries, fat, saturates, sugar or salt. Some apps give you pointers on items within your current diet you should be consuming less of to improve your health.

Reward Yourself

Each time you hit a target you should reward yourself, this can help you celebrate hitting your targets and can help motivate you to push yourself to hit future targets because you know that you will get a reward. Also you shouldn’t feel too bad about rewarding yourself with unhealthy snacks as long as you keep up with your exercise routines as unhealthy snacks can be enjoyed in moderation, as long as you don’t overdo it.


Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be a difficult task, hopefully you are able to benefit from some of the methods described in this article to propel yourself forward into a new year of health and fitness!