How to Achieve More Muscle Mass with a More Modest Budget

How to Achieve More Muscle Mass with a More Modest Budget

You want to gain more muscle mass and train hard. But in addition to training, you also need supplements, and your money is limited. On the other hand, we know that proper stimulation of muscle growth, in addition to protein, requires an appropriate caloric intake. So, you have the task to harmonize these basic requirements, and at the same time, to fit into the material resources at your disposal. So, let’s look at – how to achieve more muscle mass with a more modest budget.

Here are some helpful tips on the subject.

1. Don’t avoid cheap sources of protein


Feel free to buy “less popular” brands. Because, if a company invests less money for promotional purposes, it does not mean that it has worse products. It’s just a reflection of her business policy. This recommendation especially applies to recreational athletes, who are not preparing for certain competitions. By buying cheaper products, you have enough financial space for a better diet. Here we primarily mean buying quality meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables.

2. Eat enough every day


We know very well that the body needs about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight during the day. But, for someone who weighs 80 kg and wants to reach a weight of 90 kg, the target daily intake is 180 g of protein (90 x 2). kilograms of body weight. In case you enter fewer calories than the nominal value, you will need more time to reach the goal. The reason for this is the fact that your body will focus on consuming metabolism, and not on building muscle tissue. That’s why you need carbohydrates. Of the cheaper foods that contain carbohydrates, we will mention pasta, potatoes, oatmeal, wholemeal bread.

3. Use adequate supplements


Of course, most people who want to increase muscle mass use different shakes.

Because these shakes are rich in carbohydrates and proteins, and are used in the form of liquids, they are very suitable for consumption before and after training. Instead of these expensive drinks, you can add a certain amount of sugar to the protein. That way, you can take them before, during and after your workout. We recommend adding a little creatine, which will further increase your muscle mass.


We know that there are many well-known brands on the market that aim to help us achieve muscle mass as soon as possible. But we also know very well that the choice is very wide and that we do not have to have a “deep pocket” to choose the one that suits us. So, more muscle mass can be achieved with a more modest budget.