The Spectacular World of Fitness Models

The Spectacular World of Fitness Models

What is a fitness model?

Fitness models are usually those ladies and men who have great looking physics in the magazines or certain online websites, these are known as fitness models. Further fitness models usually promote products such as make-up, clothing and supplements. These fitness models also compete in competitions such as swimsuit competitions and physique competitions.

Fitness model

To become a fitness model as a man you have to be at least six feet tall and as a lady you have to be 5.6’’ tall. There are not much short fitness models most of the models are tall and lean which makes it ideal for tall people.

How do I become a fitness model?

Getting into fitness modeling is not easy firstly you need a great physique, a online following and impact to the fitness community and an important part of the hectic requirements is having a good portfolio. Also geo getting involved in the fitness community such as competitions like swimsuit and physique.

Breakdown of these requirements:

Great Physique – you need to be lean there should be a good amount of muscle definition and separation of the muscles. Further to achieve this great lean physique will mean that you have to eat clean, watch the amount of calories you consume daily and most importantly you have to get enough rest and sleep.

Fitness model

Online following and impact to the fitness community – You will have to build or have a huge online following with in the fitness niche, this will include posting exercises daily of you teaching, exercising and showing off that great lean mean physique of yours.

Building a good portfolio – Your portfolio should be with different images of you taking studio pictures of head shots, body shots, back shots and leg shots, when doing these photoshoots, you have to include these fitness model poses and flexes. Further your portfolio should also have a summary about you such as height, eye color, hair color and other attributes. Get  a professional photographer who can take good pictures.

Get involved in the fitness community – Take part in competitions such as swimsuits and physique competitions, this will allow you to network at the competition and mingle making new friends at competitions. Further go to local gyms and give lessens and speak with your professionals at the fitness studios.

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Fitness model agencies

There are different fitness modeling agencies such as BMG, Model management group, Fit models LLC,  Sports+ lifestyle unlimited, Wilhelmina fitness, Stetts Model Management fitness modelling agency. These agencies will be used to get gigs for any fitness model that is a bit experienced.

How should my body look as a fitness model?

Fitness model

You have to have the right weight, height and have to be leaner, this means you have to lift weights in the gym or any other physical activity to build a good physique like calisthenics. Just be aware that physique in fitness modelling is crucial without a great physique you won’t make it in this industry.


The fitness modeling industry is tough, they now have hefty requirements and there is a lot of competition on social media many fitness fanatics are pushing to make it into the fitness modeling industry. This industry can be stressful and requires a lot of work but with the right attitude, motivation and a good mentor one could make it far in this industry. Further once you achieve the greatness all the hard work and effort you put in will be of great value to you.

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