Find Out What the V Muscles are, How They are Acquired and Distinguished

Find Out What the V Muscles are, How They are Acquired and Distinguished

When we talk about a beautiful male body, we should also mention the muscles that are on the hips and go towards the groin. In fact, it is the pelvic muscles that form the V-shape, hence their name. In many cases, they are also called “lower abdomen”, because they represent the lower end of the lateral abdominal muscles. Therefore, find out what the V muscles are, how they are acquired and distinguished.

Anatomical structure of the V muscles

Unlike other muscles in our body, these are made to move in 3 imaginary axes. This means that your torso moves not only up and down and back and forth, but also in a circle. Their structure includes several directions of contraction. In this way our hull encompasses a very complex range of motion.

V Muscles

By the way, the V muscles are composed of several different layers. In fact, they are a combination of 3 types of muscles – transverse abdominal, inner lateral and outer lateral. This means that, in order to strengthen them, you have to perform several exercises, in different directions.

Effective exercises for V muscles

1. Standing lateral bending

Hold the weight in your right hand. Straighten your back and spine. The left arm is pressed against the thigh. Bend to the right side as much as you can, return to the starting position, and lean to the left as much as possible. The left arm is next to the thigh all the time.

Lateral bending

This is an example of a repetition. When you finish the series with the weight in your right hand, change hands and repeat the series.

2. Plank with straight arms

Take a push-up position. Move your feet back as far as you can. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Side board

The starting position is similar to the previous exercise. But this time, keep one hand on the floor and place the other on your hip. Stay that way for 30 to 60 seconds.

4. Lift your legs sideways

Leg Lift

Stand behind a chair, place your hands on the backrest. Lift your outstretched left leg to the side as much as you can. You should feel the contractions of the left side of the trunk muscles.

5. Sitting switch with weight

Sit on a bench, holding a weight between your feet. Place your hands behind your buttocks and lift the weight with your feet. Straighten your legs forward. Finally, lower your legs to their original position.

Factors affecting V muscles prominence

a) You must have a reasonable percentage of body fat

Of course, this does not mean that you have to be thin, but it is desirable to be “reasonably” built, that is – slim.

b) correct posture

Correct posture

How prominent these muscles will be depends largely on your back. So make sure you have the right posture and a strong and straight back.