Few Mistakes in Fitness That We Most Often Make

Few Mistakes in Fitness That We Most Often Make

If you skip the warm-up and do the same exercises all the time, forcing the cardio program, it’s no wonder that the results are missing. You have started exercising, you do it regularly, but the results are lacking. So it’s time to ask yourself if you might be wrong and to check your exercise plan well. Here are the five most common mistakes in fitness that prevent us from achieving what we want.

1. You only do cardio

Woman is riding bike outside.

Women tend to dedicate themselves exclusively to cardio, running, walking and cycling, and thus focus on the lower part of the body. However, weight training also helps maintain fitness and a slim figure. The ideal weekly recreation program consists of three cardio workouts and two muscle strengthening workouts.

2. You repeat the same exercises

A girl is doing squats with weights.

If you do not change the type of exercise, the number of repetitions and the weekly dynamics of exercise, you will never be able to exceed the already achieved fitness. The reason is quite simple. Your body gets used to everything you repeat regularly, so the results are lacking. So, if you’ve only done squats so far, include weight squats in your regimen as well. When it comes to cardio exercises, try to vary the intensity and duration.

3. You perform the exercises  too fast

A consequence of too fast training.

You’ve probably heard that lower-intensity exercise burns more fat than carbs, it’s easy to tell, a slower pace burns fewer calories, resulting in slower weight loss. A better option is to combine, during one training session, a few minutes of intensive exercises with the intervals of light exercises. The next day, do longer, but less intense exercises.

4. You skip the warm-up

A girl is stretching before her training, to avoid fitness mistake.

Take some time to warm up. Start each interval of cardio strengthening exercises by warming up for at least 5 minutes. Also, do not rush to finish a series of cardio exercises as soon as possible. Five minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise after cardio and stretching after each series of exercises will naturally restore the work of the heart to the state it was in before training and will prevent the appearance of fainting and general weakness.

5. You are breathing incorrectly

Breathing is one of the basic things that needs to be mastered and used in order to exercise more correctly and to remember better. Proper breathing is extremely important so that your exercise is effective and so that you do not have problems with fainting.

To avoid fitness mistakes, take care of correctly breathing.

The following are important for proper breathing during exercise:

a) Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

b) Breathe calmly and evenly.

c) Inhale and exhale should be deep.

d) Exhale when using your own strength, and inhale when you return to the starting position.

e) Do not hold your breath while performing the exercises.

f) You try to breathe using your diaphragm, that is, when you inhale, your stomach swells, not your chest. This means that the abdomen retracts during exhalation.

We hope you haven’t made these fitness mistakes so far, but if you did, this text has certainly helped you correct them.