Ever Heard of Capoeira?

Ever Heard of Capoeira?

Why is it good to train capoeira?

Around the world, a lot of people have heard of capoeira, but couldn’t say exactly what kind of sport it is. The simplest way to describe it would be to say that it is a martial art that contains music, acrobatics and elementary dances.

How did capoeira come about?

Capoeira appeared in the 16th century on the territory of South America, when it was developed by immigrants – slaves from Africa. Namely, since the slaves were forbidden to develop martial arts, they, along with music and dancing, imagined that it was a dance. 

The rudiment of capoeira games

Even though it’s uncertain what the name capoeira means, it’s mostly accepted that it’s composed of two indigenous words used to describe a cleared scrubland, because capoeira was mostly performed in such areas.

Capoeira was most widespread on the territory of Brazil, although it’s training was prohibited by law. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, capoeira was recognized and legalized as a martial art. It became a national sport in South America – El Salvador in 1937, when master Manoel dos Reis Machado opened and registered the first school of this martial art.

Capoeira characteristics

The main characteristic of this martial art is music. The music is loud, it’s sung in Portuguese, and it is accompanied all the time by a group of musicians, the so-called “battery”, which contains various types of strange instruments. For example: A huge rattle (caxixi), a type of drum (panderio), (birimbao) composed of wood and one string, an instrument consisting of two bells (a-go-go), and a large drum (atabaque).

Capoeira playing to music

It is characteristic that those who fight, necessarily follow the rhythm of the music, and harmonize their movements with the speed of the music.

Benefits of training capoeira

It reduces stress

Performing capoeira, along with music, releases endorphins (happiness hormone), which helps us feel relieved, satisfied and happy

It’s a social sport

An example of social capoeira game

The participant develops social interactions with the opponent, develops solidarity with the players and forms new friendships.

Constant movement of the body

The body moves in all directions, all parts of the body participate in the game, which at the same time develops and strengthens.

Movement coordination

Your movements will become much faster, safer and better than you expect once you first start training this martial art.

Burning calories

Burning calories after training capoeira

Just one hour of capoeira training is enough to burn over 700 calories.

Learning a new language

Playing with music and song that accompanies capoeira, you are able to learn a new language – Portuguese.

Develops self-confidence

After a few trainings, you will conclude that your sense of self-confidence has improved.

Age is but a number

Capoeira is not limited to age

This game is not limited to age or gender, so all family members, both children and adults, can train it. It’s a good workout for the entire family!

It’s good to know…

At the end of this article, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of one person, i.e. a man who was the originator of modern capoeira.

Master João Oliveira dos Santos was born on January 15, 1933 in Brazil. He is one of the two master students of the legendary master Pashtina (Mestre Pastinha). He has been teaching traditional African capoeira for more than 50 years. He opened the first Academy of Angolan Capoeira in El Salvador, which raised this sport from the streets to a much higher level of martial arts.

Master Joao Oliveira Dos Santos

The world’s greatest capoeira masters of that time worked at his academy, or at least and visited it. His work, among other things, is characterized by a philosophical approach to capoeira, with thinking and self-discipline.

He lives and works in New York, where he has his Academy of Angolan Capoeira. He travels all over the world teaching interested students, and for his teaching work, he has received many world recognitions and awards.

Did we inspire you?

We believe that we have, because capoeira has become a kind of phenomenon, and for some people even a way of life. You may not be able to cope with high requirements during your first workouts, but with the help of an instructor, you will be able to master the basic techniques of this relatively new martial art.