Dynamic Warm-ups: Workouts for Athletes

Dynamic Warm-ups: Workouts for Athletes

Doing static stretches before exercising do not help your body one bit. But it effects your

athletic performance in a negative way. If you do static stretching prior to workout you need to change it. Dynamic Warm-ups are one the best ways to prepare yourself for workouts. Best thing about having a pre-workout warm-up session is that it does not take more minutes than traditional stretching but it is more focused, efficient, effective, & productive.

What is the Difference Between Dynamic & Static stretching?

A girl is preparing for running by stretching.

Static stretching is a way of inducing muscular tension by staying in a particular position up to 30 secs or that results in muscle elongation, while on the other hand dynamic warm ups incorporate muscle stretching followed by a range of motion. Human body needs a warm up that slowly increases its heart and breathing rate. By doing so, your body lubricates its joints, which in result gives better movement range & makes tendons & ligaments elastic.

Why should you do Dynamic Warm-Ups?

Dynamic warm-ups play a key role for any athletic training, & practiced prior to work out.  Below is the list of reasons why dynamic warm ups should be part of your training.

A guy is having a dynamic warm-up
  • Elevated Heart Rate – Increasing the heart rate is among the vital roles of any athletic warm-up. This allows your whole-body systems to elevate its temperature, along with increased blood flow, cardiovascular activity, & prepare your body for an intense training session.
  • Increased Core Temperature – Increased temperature of your body’s core makes sure that all of the muscles, joint, & connective tissues are prepared to practice higher-intensity physical movements.
  • Increased Blood Flow to Muscles – While exercising, your blood flow is pushed from intestines & stomach & transported to the active muscles for enhancing muscular performance. The addition of dynamic warm-ups makes sure that oxygenated blood is transported to your muscles.
  • Stimulated Nervous System – Increased blood flow to mind-muscle & motor patterning also happens during dynamic warm-ups. It helps in ensuring that your whole body & mind is prepared for exercise.
  • Increased Mobility – Mobility issues of the body may require tissue manipulation, but it can be improved by increased body movements and range of control. Both of them can be achieved by dynamic warm ups.
  • Reduced Injury Risk – Not warming up your body adequately before working out can lead to muscle strains, additional stress on tendons & ligament. Reduced or lack of muscular engagement, or no warm up of body tissues results in over usage of muscles that causes patterning injuries.

Consider practicing these pre-workout warm ups for better preparation


Groiners are among those warm ups that nearly targets and engages every single body joint.

A guy has a groiners warm-up

After wearing your workout top, practice a lunge by placing your hands on the ground, and stretching your hips along with your groin as you are preparing your body to do squats, pulls & athletic movement. By addition of the thoracic component, you can engage your whole body in movement.

Lunge Variations

lateral, diagonal, forward, reverse, & crossover lunges all of these types work very well if practiced in a warm-up. Most of the athletic training includes exercises in which you have to support yourself on a single leg. It makes so much sense to this exercise within your warm up session in order to heat up your leg muscle beforehand.


Walkouts can do a wonderful job in order to increase hip function & patterning that is essentially needed for squats & pulls. It can also help in dynamically stretching your hamstrings & lower back.


A girl is warming up with crawling.

Crawling is as basic as it is, yet it has the ability to heat up muscles that are required for an athletic activity. Mobility, coordination, & stability are required to do this fundamental movement. Addition of crawling in your dynamic warm-ups can make help in maximizing overall readiness & performance.

High Knees

This dynamic movement can boost the ability muscles to produce force.This movement warm-ups muscle tissues that have high utilization in sprinting, running, & weightlifting.


A girl is preparing for training, with jumping.

Light jumping has made its way within dynamic warm-ups. For getting athletes ready to go explosive & high impact drills.

Which ones do you enjoy the most?