Best Exercises to do with your Partner

Best Exercises to do with your Partner

Exercising and working out can be a really tedious task and many people can find it difficult to motivate themselves enough to follow through their health regimes every day. So just like it’s always fun to do activities with someone, we recommend you to involve your partner in your gym activities as well! You will never find a better time to do activities with your partner than in the current pandemic! We know you both are tired of having to hang out at home, so this should be an amazing opportunity for you to bond together and also get some workout done! It’s a win win situation for the both of you!

We have compiled for you some exercises that will help you do some

  • Cardio,
  • Work on your core,
  • Upper body and
  • Lower body.

Now we understand you don’t have to follow through all the exercises listed below, but we are sure they will help you get a move on and start somewhere. By the way, if your man isn’t motivated then start by surprising him with brand new and trendy sportswear. That will definitely help encourage him to participate in your healthy workout! So wear your gym gear, head out to the garden and get excited for a fun couples workout!

Cardio Exercises: Cross Feet Knee Jumps and Squats

A couple is doing exercise with semi high knees.

In this set you will be doing two kinds of different exercises with your partner, but don’t worry not only will have your heart racing in no time but it will also be a lot of fun. In this set, you will begin by doing semi high knees, while touching your partners adjacent feet with yours. After doing that twice, do a deep squat. Repeat this set all the while doing small jumps.

This will definitely keep your heart rate up and get you the cardio workout you wanted.

Core Exercises with your partner: Cross Plank Jumps

A girl is jumping over her partners legs.

This exercise is good not only for your core but also has cardio in it. It’s quite simple to do actually, and all you need is a matt. So, begin by taking turns making a plank, while the other one jumps over your legs from one side to the other. This exercise can actually also prove to be exhilarating as you try not to fall over your partner who will already be struggling keeping that plank position!

This exercise can easily be considered as a full body workout as you both will be building your core strength but also get to work on your upper body, lower body and getting a good cardio workout too!

Lower Body Workout: Cross Body Lunges

A young couple is doing lunges, by facing one another.

So, we all are familiar with lunges, right? But we are here to tell you it can be fun to do them with your partners. So, by facing one another begin doing lunges the best way you know how, however as you go down you can always hold on to your partners hand for support. To make it even more fun and also to turn it into a more challenging workout, come up with a slight jump and switch your legs when you do so. Of course, the second variation can be achieved only gradually and with practice. You need perfect hand and feet coordination to not fall down or trip! So, we understand if you are a little hesitant to do this variation of the exercise!

Nevertheless, this is an excellent exercise for your legs, your glutes and your calves.

Upper Body Exercises: Plank Claps

For this exercise you and your partner both need to form a plan position, facing one another and start doing pushups. However, after every pushup, extend one of your hands and clap with your partner. Then repeat by doing another pushup but extend the other arm as before and clap with that with your partner. This exercise is excellent for your core, your upper body and also your legs!

A couple is doing plank claps push ups.

These are just some of the exercises you can do with your partner. Not only will this help you find activities you and your partner both can enjoy, but this is a healthy alternative to just sitting and watching Netflix. If you are a working couple, then try to do at least one of these exercises even if it is just a way to turn away from your computer screens! Make the most out of this pandemic and try to spend as much quality time with your partners as possible!