Best 5 Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game

Best 5 Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game

Worried about your improvement in golf? Are things getting difficult to play better and improve your game? If you are facing this problem and looking for an easy solution, we would like to inform you that without being fit physically and mentally, you can never improve your golf.

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Now what to do to be fit? Just exercise regularly by maintaining the proper rules. That’s the solution. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Yes, there’s nothing complicated. Golf exercise isn’t the name of a difficult issue, rather you will find it so easy when you will be used to it. And why not? It’s very important to play comfortably as well as take pleasure.

So whatever you are, a pro golfer, a beginner, or just a golf lover who is interested in learning to play golf, you need to follow some exercise for your improvement in golf. Here you get 5 major golf exercises along with the necessary information and instructions as well. Stay with us and you will also get the importance and benefits of golf exercise in the latter section.

1.  Shoulder Stretch

A golfer is stretching his shoulders

Why is shoulder stretch beneficial for you?   

Shoulder stretch fixes the motion of your shoulder and strengthens the shoulder joint. Without making your shoulders fit for moving, you can’t hit perfectly. So do it before and after each tee shot.

How to do shoulder stretch?   

Step 1. First, grip the edges of your club with your hands and place your hands in front of you. 

Step 2. Raise your hands top of your head and make sure your elbows are straight.

Step 3. Move your shoulders slowly, don’t make it quick. Now turn your hands back as far as possible.

Step 4. Stand in this posture 10-15 seconds and then release. Do it twice.


Stop moving your hands back when you feel the tension in your front shoulders. Do what is possible to do within your capabilities.

2.  Hand walks

A young man is playing golf

Why are hand walks beneficial for you?

Hand walks are important as this will protect your elbow as well as your shoulders from being injured.

How to do hand walks?

Step 1. First, stand up slowly. Bend towards your waist.

Step 2. Bend until you touch the ground with your hands.

Step 3. Now walk with your hands in a push-up posture keeping your knees straight.

Step 3. Do it until you feel a stretch and repeat it several times.   


When you feel a stretch while doing this exercise, take your hands back and then walk your hands again.

3.  Full Body Rotation

A golfer is hitting ball with body rotation

Why is full body rotation beneficial for you?

To increase your flexibility, full-body rotation is one of the most beneficial exercises. You will be able to improve your backswing as well by practicing this stretch.

How to do full-body rotation?

Step 1. Take your golf club and grip the two edges of the club.

Step 2. Bend a little bit with your club. Now grip tightly.

Step 3. Move your hands back from the right side. Make sure you are still gripping your club’s edges.

Step 4. When you will feel stress, turn your hands from right to left.

Step 5. Now do it from left to right and thus repeat it from both sides. 


Try it before every round you play.  It’s better to be flexible and get ready for hitting the ball.

4.  Bending forward Stretch  

A girl is stretching her shoulder with twisted fingers with hands on back

Why is bending stretch beneficial for you?   

This one will increase your flexibility to the highest and make you able to bend accurately before hitting the ball. Besides, it will strengthen your hamstrings increase confidence to get prepared for a competitive game.   

How to do bending forward stretch?   

Step 1.  The first thing you should do is to stand straight.

Step 2. Now gradually move your hands back until you feel stress.

Step 3. Twist your fingers together while turning your hands back.

Step 4. Move your shoulders up until they reach near to your ears. Take a breath and lift your hands up from your back.

Step 5. Stretch to the waist in slow motion. Don’t bend your back. Keep it flat.

Step 6. Continue it and lift your hands top of your head as far as you can.

Step 6. When you will stretch to the highest, you will feel stress in your shoulders and your hamstrings as well.


Release after stretching 08-15 seconds. You can repeat it several times.

5.  Walk Forwarding Stretch

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Why is walk forwarding stretch beneficial for you?

Walk forwarding stretch will increase your swing skill even at the faster speed. Because you need two mini stretch bands to do this exercise. These bands will smoothly activate your glutes and strengthen them as well.

How to do the bending forward stretch?

Step 1. Take two mini stretch bands. Place a mini band above your knees.

Step 2. Place another band near your ankles.

Step 3. Now walk forward in slow motion. Make sure your knees are bent.

Step 4. Drive your every step by changing the position of your elbows.


Don’t forget to keep your back straight while doing this walk forwarding exercise and keep your knees above your toes.

If you want to do more exercise along with these 5, follow the best 10 golf stretching.

How Can a Golf Exercise Plan Help You Play Better?

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An exercise plan will strengthen you to play golf comfortably and confidently. You can easily challenge your friends, family, or competitors to play against you if you have mental strength. But only mental strength won’t be beneficial for you if you don’t have physical fitness.

How Golf Exercises Will Improve Your Game?

The best golf exercises will improve your game by increasing your golf skill and enhancing your flexibility. The most important thing in golf is your swing speed. This swing speed will also be controlled through golf exercises. So not only the flexibility, you get increased swing speed too through golf exercises.

What Benefits are You Getting from Golf Exercises?

Golf exercises will prevent you from injury. Golf isn’t a game of competition, you can also play for taking pleasure. And the purpose of golf exercise is to give you pleasure as well as increasing your game skill to reach the next level.


We have tried to reveal every necessary information about golf exercise and showed how to do it. We have also given some instructions in detail of how to do these exercises and what benefits you are getting from it. Share your opinions and let us know if we need to add anything more.