Rosalie Brown: A 10 minute workout! Is it worth it?

Rosalie Brown: A 10 minute workout! Is it worth it?

You know working out is good for your body, but also realize it’s very good for your brain, too.  A 10 minute workout is enough to boost your brainpower for a short time afterward, according to a recent study published in the journal Neuropsychologia. The researchers found that study participants who rode a stationary bike at a moderate to vigorous pace for 10 minutes answered questions 50 milliseconds faster after exercising than they did before, a 14 percent increase in cognitive performance.

A young woman is on pilates training at home

The calorie-burning benefits of even the shortest strength-training can keep coming long after you’ve completed the 10 minute workout (see workout link below)  a study from Southern Illinois University, researchers found that when volunteers did just one set of nine exercises, or about 11 minutes of strength training, three days a week, they increased their resting metabolic rate (the calories burned when just hanging out) and fat burning enough to keep unwanted weight at bay.

A 10 minute workout is also a great way to test a new program or give extra attention to a body part that needs more strength attention or rehab attention.  10 minutes mini workouts are also great for study or work breaks!

10 minute workout on demand

Below are links to 10 minute programs to stimulate your brain, body or booty! Or check out my full selection of workouts:


1. Standing AB workout 


2. Total Gym 10 minute Cable workout 

3. 10 minute Booty band B.A.L. :Butt, Abs, Legs 

4. 10 minute Lower Body Workout 

5. 10 minutes in Bed- pyjama workout 

6. PiYo: ‪Pilates/Yoga 10 minute flow 

7. Chair Workout 

8. ‪10 minutes AB workout with ball or pillow 

9. ‪10 minute resistance band total body workout 

10. ‪Booty Loop Band Butt, Back & Abs Workout 

11. ‪10 minute Abs Workout with Rosalie Brown 

‪12. 10 minute Ab Challenge 

‪13.  10 minute weight training  

14. Mini trampoline/Rebounder workout:  

15.  10 minute Bike Cycle workout on Flex Bike 

16. Simply Fit Board Learn to Use in minutes

About the author

Rosalie Brown is a famous Canadian fitness instructor and personal trainer. As a fitness professional, she has hosted multiple TV infomercials and recorded fitness DVDs that were sold in over a million copies. She collaborates with Total Gym, she expanded to the fitness market in the United States as well, and she even worked as a personal trainer for celebrities and professional athletes.

Rosalie Brown also has a YouTube channel where she shares her workouts with millions of viewers around the world. In her own words, her quest is “to make fitness fun, exciting and affordable for both experienced and novice fitness enthusiasts alike.” Opting for one of Rosalie’s 10-minute workouts above may be just the way to do that!