A Few Ways to Change Your Physical Appearance

A Few Ways to Change Your Physical Appearance

There are many ways to achieve faster goals related to change physical appearance. At the same time, these methods make your workouts more effective. These diet and training tips will help you notice changes in your physique (shape, strength and endurance) as early as 2 weeks from the start of application.

1. It’s not enough to just count calories

Counting calories for physical appearance is not enough.

If you think that counting calories will be enough to lose weight, think again. Scientists have discovered that a decrease in physical activity (and not just a diet) is responsible for increasing or decreasing body weight. Therefore, in addition to physical activity, change your eating habits. Eat 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Eat enough cooked food prepared on steam. Choose fibrous carbohydrates and vegetables, and make sure your diet is balanced throughout the day. Also check the portion size.

2. Make changes

If you get tired of cardio equipment quickly, then combine them somewhere during strength training. For example, do a few sets of lifts, then go to a cardio machine for the next 5 to 15 minutes. This will increase your fat burning potential. Constantly add variations to what you do on cardio equipment to avoid adjusting your body to the routine. This will give you the best results. Keep your intensity strong, but slow down if necessary if you have to, until you are able to exercise intensely again. Do your best, knowing what your goal is, and that will increase the duration and intensity of cardio exercises.

3. Increase resistance is good for changing physical appearance

One of the ways to change physical appearance.

If your goal is to lose weight, stick to a large number of repetitions and a reduced load. Increase the load as your strength increases. If you are afraid that you will increase your muscle mass excessively, take care of controlling the portion size and reduce your salt and sugar intake. Namely, your diet will support the reduction of body fat.

4. Find a workout that only suits you

If you need to develop and increase muscle mass in certain areas, then do a small number of repetitions (8-10) of exercises for that particular region with heavy loads. People with a “pear” build should do more repetitions of exercises for the lower part of the body, and a small number of repetitions of exercises for the upper part of the body with an increased load.

These people should do exercises for the abdominal muscles with a load, until they reach the desired weight.

5. Seek advice for changing physical appearance

Seeking advice for physical appearance.

You need to know how to divide the trainings into those for special parts of the body, and an instructor or special literature can help you with that. Combinations of chest and triceps, legs and abs are popular. So, Choose 3 exercises for each body part and do 2 to 4 sets.


With these short tips, we have tried to make your path to change your physical appearance easier. And to achieve the desired goal in a pleasant way. Don’t give up!