What is Paleolithic diet in achieving fitness goals

What is Paleolithic diet in achieving fitness goals

Every athlete knows that reducing carbohydrate intake is the best way to get rid of body fat. For that reason, they use a diet based on proteins and essential fats. But what many do not know is the following: there are several low-calorie diets, each of which affects the body differently. For example, a diet based on the keto principle, then a diet with a rotation of carbohydrates and the so-called “paleolithic” (paleo) diet. So we will look at what are the characteristics of the Paleolithic diet in achieving fitness goals.

Why the “Paleolithic” diet

Paleolithic diet

Of course, the very name of this diet is associated with something thousands of years old. Namely, our ancestors did not have the opportunity to go to the market, shop, or even a restaurant and satisfy their need for food there. They were limited to the nature that surrounded them, to the flora and fauna. Under these conditions, they fed on the animals they caught and the plants they collected or harvested. This means that their menu consisted exclusively of a lot of meat and herbs. Cereals, sugar and starchy products were inaccessible to them.

In this regard, supporters of this diet say that our body is genetically destined to better process the food we ate thousands of years before the development of the food industry. They believe that consuming this kind of food leads us to better health much faster and more successfully.

Characteristics of the paleo diet in achieving fitness goals

First of all, the food that dominates this menu is meat. In another place is – again meat. So, as much meat as possible, of different origins. In addition, eat vegetables (potatoes) and fruits, nuts, seeds. Also, consume oil, but only olive and coconut.

An example of a paleo diet

Paleo breakfast

Breakfast: salmon, eggs, fruit

Snack: chicken breast, spinach salad

Lunch: lamb, potatoes, asparagus

Dinner: steak, baked potatoes, vegetables

Another suggestion: eat turkey breast and fruit before training; after training – egg whites, fruit

What you should not eat

Proponents of this diet say: do not eat cereals, legumes, dairy products, processed foods, sugar, salt (except seafood)

3. Advantages and disadvantages of this diet

This diet is very useful for bodybuilders who want to maintain a slim figure. Because, no matter how much kaori you eat, you know that they come from protein and healthy fats.


However, from a fitness point of view, this diet does not help much to increase muscle mass or reduce fat. In case that is not your priority goal, you can apply this diet. So, use this diet, but exclude competitive ambitions.