5 Motivational Facts That Will Make You Train Easier

5 Motivational Facts That Will Make You Train Easier

Experts in the field of monitoring the effects of physical activity on health, pointed out that there is no biological and psychological function of the organism on which physical activity does not have a favorable effect. By investing time, money, effort and avoiding greasy, fried food or vice, we do a great thing for ourselves, we invest in ourselves. That investment will surely pay off for us even during this great crisis. In this text, you will see how to train easier.

When to exercise?

Morning workouts are the best time of day to train if you aim to lose weight. In the morning, glycogen stores are at a minimum. As a result, the process of breaking down fat becomes much faster. Coffee is one of the best pre-workout drinks. It accelerates fat burning, ie shortens the time required to include fat in the decomposition process. Therefore, for best results, you will train easier after getting up.

What do the experts say?

One scientific study proved to us that it takes only 2 minutes three times a week to train with high intensity, ie HIIT method (high interval intensity training). This will improve your fitness or so-called fitness performance. The best way to assess whether you are exercising too intensely is to try to participate in the conversation at the same time. If you are unable to, you may need to reduce the intensity just enough to be able to talk.


A recent study by the World Health Organization showed that it takes 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week to see the result of training, and of course, it depends on us how we will schedule appointments. The time needed to recover after exercising a small group of muscles, say the biceps, is 24 hours, while for example, the legs take about 72 hours to rest after training, which is a full 3 days.

What exactly is motivation?

4. Motivation is the key to any success! When there is none, there are usually no results. That is why it is crucial to know why we do something and that what we do makes some sense. At least for you. You need to have a realistic and meaningful goal that will push you forward! For example, it is unrealistic to expect to lose 10kg in a month. Even if you succeed in that, your goal would not make sense, because it would only harm your health. What is it really about? It is simply impossible to lose so many kilograms in a healthy and natural way in such a short period of time.


5. Most of us neglect a key part of our routine – stretching. Most people know that stretching is an important part of the muscle recovery process that makes us feel and function better. However, we do not practice it enough or at all. Stretching or stretching is the best way to finish your workout.

A guy is stretcing.

In the first place he recovers and after that he influences stronger and better trainings in the following period. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of stretching after each physical activity to avoid muscle injuries.