5 Interesting Facts About Fitness Habits

5 Interesting Facts About Fitness Habits

As in all life activities, there are different opinions, prejudices and habits in fitness. In this text, we will list some interesting fitness facts, which you have not heard or do not believe in them so far.

1. Step forward in walking and jumping give different results

Interesting Facts About Fitness Habits - step forward in jumping.

Step forward is a special exercise for defining the buttocks and thighs. Scientists from Sweden conducted research on one football team. So, they found that walking a step (slow from one leg to the other) is a great exercise for the back box and recovery from injury.

Jumping (jumping from one leg to the other) is a better exercise compared to the previous and rebellious fast sprint.

2. The relationship between interval and continuous training

Most coaches and athletes use regular training much more often than interval training, due to the increased ability of the body to source acid.

Continuous training is the need to determine distance without stopping, while interval training is a new research of other distances with strong intensity with short breaks. Scientists have discovered that interval training has the highest acid eradication rate.

Researchers in Canada have proven that short intervals with maximum intensive training are an exceptional level of confidence in quality levels. 6 sets of riding a stationary bicycle with high intensity. It increasing the utilization of acid in the body by almost 50%. So, The subjects in the test achieved the results of the exercise search after 15 minutes a day for a period of 2 weeks.

3. Ball training / training on a flat surface

Many trainers have a habit of training on an unstable surface, such as the Pilates ball. However, research also shows that performing squats, dead design, push-overs, do not give other results when performed on a Pilates ball compared to a stable surface.

Interesting Facts About Fitness Habits - step forward in jumping - Ball training.

The contraction capacity of the posterior muscle is considered when people exercise on unstable surfaces. That is why it is best to continue the classic trainings on flat and stable surfaces.

4. Stronger gluteus – stronger lower body

The gluteus medius muscle is the main flexor of the hips, so It separates the hips in the side, from the middle of the body. Severe weakness of this muscle greatly contributes to knee and back injuries. It also creates significant instability to walking, running and jumping. This phenomenon of cherries is in women.

Interesting Facts About Fitness Habits - step forward in jumping. Squats on one leg.

To strengthen this muscle, I recommend the following exercises:

– Lifting one leg from the side position

– Squats on one leg

– Step out

– Bending the hips with an elastic band

– Balancing on one leg while doing simple tasks (tracking teeth)

5. How to get good abs?

Examination proves that 10 exams of pilate exercises affect the internal abdominal muscles more than 10 exams of classic abdominal exercises. However, you should be prepared because sawing exercises, if you do not perform them properly, can significantly increase the risk of injury to the corpse.

Interesting Facts About Fitness Habits - step forward in jumping. A pair with good ABS.

The question of the speed of belly exports is also raised. One study proved that the activity of thinking grew in parallel with the connection between the speed of exporting exercises. Of course, it is not necessary to do sit-ups so fast that you happen to disrupt technical correctness and proper movements.