Why do We Gain Weight Easily During the Winter?

Why do We Gain Weight Easily During the Winter?

Winter always associates us with holidays and the holiday table. Plenty of beautiful and delicious food, and tucking in a warm home while it is snowing outside, are just some of the charms of winter. That is why most of us have a tendency to gain a few kilograms more during the winter, and leave worries about how to lose weight for the spring.

Research shows that holidaymakers tend to gain 5 to 7 pounds during the winter while enjoying food and specialties. Apart from the holidays, the diet in winter is quite different from the diet we prefer during spring and summer. The very fact that we cannot enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables often leads us to say that rarely any of us will reduce our diet in the winter. So, you feel guilty that you gained a few kilograms more during the winter. That’s why, we bring you a solution for which we gain the most weight during the winter.

Too much sleep

During the summer, it is easier for all of us to stay productive and we spend most of the time in the sun and fresh air. However, the only thing we want to do is snuggle up and stay in bed. Lack of sunlight during the winter can also affect our hormone. Excess melatonin, which is responsible for our sleep and waking cycle, we tend to feel sleepy. So our appetite and desire for food increases.

The body is preparing for hibernation

Although it seems a bit impossible, people, like animals, are preparing for hibernation. During the winter, we spend most of our time and collect calories. Therefore, there are scientific explanations that somewhere in us there is still a fear that we will not be able to find all the nutritious foods.

Too many carbs

To many carbs

During the winter, we usually opt for a diet rich in fats and carbohydrates. Favorite vegetables are often not part of the daily diet during the winter. So they are reduced for weight loss when it comes to the winter diet. For example: tomatoes, fresh carrots or zucchini will have to wait until spring. But, during the winter we will enjoy meat, starch or a lot of carbohydrates, based on which our body will gain a few kilograms more.

We are not getting enough water

During the winter days, we often crave unhealthy drinks that are full of sugar. During the cold period, the thirst is not as pronounced as during warm days. But, a glass of water that contains a little honey or a drop of lemon can be very pleasant and refreshing. Instead of carbonated drinks, we can often make ourselves a delicious detox drink during the winter days and thus solve the dilemma of how to lose weight during the winter.

Insufficient physical activity

Grumpy Girl

There are few of us who will respect our morning training during the cold winter mornings and go out of the warm home. This is one of the reasons why we are not physically active during the winter. No matter how much we want to be. Cold weather and winter days discourage us from going out and doing everything that is beyond everyday activities. However, in order to introduce physical activities into your everyday life, we suggest that you choose light exercises that you can do at home for at least twenty minutes a day. In order not to walk alone, invite friends with you, walking during cold evenings will quickly warm you up, and everything is much easier in the company.


Therefore, you try to take care of your body even during the cold winter days, so that you can welcome the spring and nice weather. Let the end of winter be a real introduction to good form with which you will shine in the spring.