Best Way to Avoid Disease and Obesity

Best Way to Avoid Disease and Obesity

The appearance of obesity, and therefore diseases, are a very common occurrence of the average person today. In this text, we do not intend to give you instructions and recommendations on diet and physical activity. In contrast, we will mention only some of the foods and drinks that you should avoid. At that way, you will easily avoid the appearance of obesity or disease. Also, you will lose some extra pounds.

Improper nutrition begins in early childhood. Here are some foods you should not eat to avoid disease.

Avoiding pizza – avoiding obesity

Drenched in cheese, with stacked meat products and a lot of salt – pizza is a meal that should be accompanied by a warning about the consequences for health. But, while sweets and fried food took the blame on themselves, pizza always somehow “slipped”. The fact that pizza is bad for your health is undeniable.

A fat man eating pizza.

The basic ingredient that makes up every pizza is cheese. The higher the amount of cheese, the more fat deposits on your arteries. Add ham and sausage to it, and things get even worse. The third thing that makes pizza unhealthy is the dough. Nobody makes integral pizza, which would change the taste, but from processed white flour, which most people like better. Eating foods high in salt and saturated fat increases the risk of chronic health problems (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes).

Avoid carbonated drinks

A large number of people drink carbonated beverages, and what is very interesting is that also a large number of them know that carbonated beverages are harmful to their health. Many studies show that carbonated drinks are directly related to fattening. Their consumption, not only contributes to obesity, but also impairs the body’s ability to process all the sugars that the body itself is affected by. When sugar enters the bloodstream quickly, the pancreas must produce large amounts of insulin for the body to process it. Frequent consumption of carbonated beverages can also increase the risk of osteoporosis. The acidity of these drinks weakens bones due to the loss of calcium, just as it breaks down the enamel on your teeth and makes your teeth prone to decay. To this we add kidney damage, the formation of kidney stones, increased blood pressure, harmful effects on the liver, indigestion, etc.

Carbonated drinks.

However, despite all of the above, companies that produce carbonated drinks promote them in a very aggressive way. These drinks are popular all over the market – in shops, restaurants, cafes, gas stations. They are available in all places relatively cheap and can be bought and drunk anywhere.

No burgers – no obesity

When we talk about burgers, the first thing to say is that red meat in large quantities is not healthy. However, since there is very little pure meat in burgers, another negative fact emerges. What should worry you are the various additives that are used instead of meat and because of which the burger is so “delicious”.

Fat guy eating burgers.

If we add to this the fact that the burger is prepared on the grill (and we know that the grill creates carcinogenic substances), the question arises whether it is more important for us to enjoy a fatty burger or what we will see in the mirror, or later feel like a problem in our organism.


If you avoid these foods (listed above), you will reduce the risk of obesity and disease. It is a well-known fact that these foods are delicious and attractive, but…

Decide what your priority is.