A Few Simple Tips to Finally Change Your Diet

A Few Simple Tips to Finally Change Your Diet

More or less all of us, at least once in our lives, made the decision to change something in our diet. Unfortunately, many of us have tried this many times. This means that each of our previous attempts was unsuccessful. So, we failed somewhere. It is not enough to just decide to eat healthy “from tomorrow”. Because, there is no magic wand that will help us in that, without us doing something about it ourselves. So, here are some tips to help you finally change your diet and adopt a new lifestyle.

Make a diet plan

Diet plan

You have made a decision, the famous “tomorrow” has come, and you do not know what to do next. Maybe, while you’re thinking, you can eat a snack or an unhealthy food that you don’t need at all. So, take paper and pencil and write a list of allowed foods. Then, design dishes that you can combine with them and make a menu for the next 7 days. Of course, adjust the schedule to your schedule of activities, taking care to have breakfast by 9 am, and dinner, of course, to be no later than 7 pm.

Eat food in its natural form

Make sure the foods you eat are in their natural form. Let it be vegetables, fruits, legumes, proteins of plant or animal origin, seeds, nuts. It is important to balance the intake of different types of food, all in order to achieve good health. For example, when eating meat, make sure that it is low in fat (chicken, turkey, fish).

As much as possible, eliminate industrially processed foods (meat products, snacks, biscuits) from the menu. Also, avoid foods rich in refined sugar and various additives, because they have a very negative impact on your health. In contrast, consume herbal drinks and fermented foods that contain probiotics.

Keep a diet diary

If you really want to change something in this domain, start writing down everything you eat. We don’t just mean main meals or snacks here. We mean every bite you enter that you may not pay attention to. After a while, you will have a real insight into your eating habits.

Diet diary

In other words, you will conclude in which situations you resort to eating and what are the “triggers” that make you eat something. Try to understand whether it is stress, some negative emotion, or even a positive mood. Keep a diary of how you felt when you took anything to eat outside of your schedule. After a while, you will conclude that you are, in fact, emotionally overeating. If, however, you still have a need for food in these situations, choose quality foods. In addition to satisfying your desire, they will supply your body with the necessary nutrients. We suggest it be fresh fruit.

Track your progress

Track your progress

Of course, we all decide to take this step for some reason. For most of us, the main goal is probably to lose weight. But don’t focus on that. Weight correction is not the only way to determine how far you have progressed in achieving your goal. You also need to consider how these changes in your diet have affected your physical and mental health.