Walk The Walk: How To Care For Your Feet Better

Walk The Walk: How To Care For Your Feet Better

Being someone who loves to indulge in physical activities requires you to pay attention to all the parts of your body. Most of the time, people are focused on larger muscle groups such as the hamstrings, calves, shoulders and back. However, how much attention do you pay to your feet care? Sadly, the only time one would consider taking a look at the most critical part of our anatomy is when the balls of the feet or ankles hurt to the point of distraction. If you want to walk a long way comfortably, you need to ensure your feet are healthy and happy. If you don’t know where to begin, let us guide you. This blog will address three essential tips that people overlook.

Don’t Compromise on Footwear

One of the most significant markers of how well you’re looking after your feet is to take a look into your closet. What do your shoes look like? Are they comfortable and provide enough support? From your sandals and shoes to your bathroom slippers, make sure that the size fits you well. Don’t let a cheap price tag and cute design entice you into buying footwear that could damage your feet. If you already have problems such as lower back pain, feet corn, flat feet, and others, make sure to invest in high-quality orthopedic shoes. 

Podiatrist Consultation

Sometimes, your feet may be crying for help with secondary symptoms that can go without being detected until it’s unbearable. Things such as a shocking burst of pain while walking, ankle tension, calluses, heel pain and other such signs need you to get checked by an expert. The job of a podiatrist is to examine, diagnose and treat all ailments related to your feet. We suggest that you visit a podiatrist at Synergy Foot and Ankle and have it checked out. Upon careful examination, the doctor may prescribe corn caps, orthopedic equipment, surgery, medication, or other means best for your recovery.

Assess your Footbed


All of us have a different body structure, including our feet. Some people have high arched soles, while the others have a lighter arch. With these variables come different levels of comfort. For instance, people with high arches may be optimized for balance but may face trouble if they walk in flats for too long. What they need is a pair of shoes that provides high arch support. Alternatively, people with no or low arched soles may find it hard to walk in stiletto heels due to the absence of curvature. Such feet also have specific footwear like wedges or platform heels.

Wrapping Up:

Looking after your body is a full-time job and your feet are no exception. For appendages that help us explore new places, dance for hours, take long walks or indulge in fun games, feet are quite resilient. In short, the healthier your feet, the better you get to experience life! Hence, if yours are hurting and uncomfortable, make sure to apply these three pieces of advice for feet care!