Top Things To Consider Before Buying Eliquis From Canada

Top Things To Consider Before Buying Eliquis From Canada

Purchasing medicines online is definitely a convenient option over conventional medical counters. All it takes is a visit to the site of an online pharmacy and adding required medicines to the cart. Sometimes you get first purchase or seasonal discounts on medicines as well! You can buy the same medication now without spending the same amount and stepping out of the house. Sounds exciting right?

But the dilemma arises when there are thousands of online pharmacies to choose from. And now, you need to do some research and analysis to shortlist the online store you would share your payment details with. We know how cumbersome this research can be!

Questions like, are they reliable? How much delivery time do they take? Are their medicines genuine? How do I verify their dependability and authenticity?  In this blog, we resolve all your doubts for you. We will walk you through the steps to consider while buying medicine online.

What Is Eliquis? Who Can Take It?

Known by its generic name, Eliquis is a Novel Oral Anticoagulant (NOAC) commonly known as blood thinning medicine. Its primary function is to prevent the formation of blood clots in the human body. This medication prevents blood clots from blocking veins, lungs, heart, brain, and cardiovascular area (heart). Elquis also reduces the probability of strokes and heart attacks. 

Eliquis 2.5 mg tablet are generally used for patients with irregular heart rhythms to prevent blood clots in their arteries and veins. People with knee or hip surgery replacements also benefit from this medication as it works by thinning the blood, thus increasing the blood flow. Some of the side effects of Eliquis are low blood pressure, nausea, and skin rashes. Nose Bleeding and bruising are the most commonly seen side effects.

One can administer this medicine with or without food. However, taking it at a specific time every day is appropriate to boost its efficiency. Do not stop taking this medicine abruptly without your doctor’s advice. If any of the symptoms mentioned above occur, consult your doctor immediately.

How To Order Eliquis Online?

As much as online medicine purchases save time, they are more prone to fraudulence. Many pharmacies are making a fool out of people as they run their pharmacies by following unlawful practices and selling fake medicines online. Doing some basic research before buying Eliquis 5mg tablets online can benefit you in the long run. 


Have you been prescribed Eliquis 5mg tablets and wondered how to buy them online? Then you have landed on the right page—particularly for people planning to order Eliquis from Canada and searching for a reliable Canadian pharmacy.

Following are some factors to keep in mind before buying this medication from a Canadian pharmacy online.

⦁ Consultation

Essential step! You must have a legitimate Eliquis prescription from a qualified healthcare professional to buy it online. Any lawful pharmacy will not allow purchases of crucial medicines like Eliquis without a prescription.

⦁ Verify Pharmacy’s Certifications

When you have the doctor’s prescription, you must check out a few positive reviewed Canadian pharmacies. Go through their certifications and examine the organization’s credibility that authorized them. If a pharmacy is registered or not by the authorities like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) or Pharmacy Checker Verification Program.

⦁ Read The Privacy Policy 

Make it a point to go through the privacy policies of your preferred Canadian pharmacy. Once you are familiar with the privacy policy and can fulfill it, you can move to the next step. Please do not share any personal or financial information until and unless you are not clear about their encryption and safety connections. 

⦁ Mandatory Prescription

As mentioned before, any legitimate Canadian pharmacy will not allow you to buy medication without a prescription. You must have a scanned copy of your prescription and other details like contact and address information. So, the pharmacy can reach out to you in case of unexpected delays in the medication delivery.

⦁ Payment Modes Available

Another overlooked yet vital point to keep in mind is what are the payment mode options available. Are their payment gateway secure and protected? Check these factors before finalizing your order.

⦁ Xpress shipping

Usually, any pharmacy company delivers medicines in 10-14 days; this is ideal when ordering medication in advance or when there is no immediate need. Whereas, to fulfill your immediate needs, Xpress shipping is what you need. By opting for Xpress shipping (quick delivery), your medication delivery is prioritized and provided to you within 2-3 days only.

Note: Polar Bear Meds offers Xpress shipping in and around Canada and in all the provinces of the United States. 

⦁ Track Your Order

Track order

Some pharmacies also provide the facility to track your order. Once your medication purchase is confirmed, you are contacted through mail or on call. This is to reconfirm your details and to share the tracking number. You are supposed to keep track of your medication through this tracking ID only, so you’ll know when to expect the delivery.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to be aware of the authenticity of a pharmacy company. Buying cheaper medicines from a site that doesn’t require prescriptions can be tempting. But it is equally important to remind yourself that it is not worth it if you have to compromise on your health to save those few bucks. 


Always consult your doctor before you buy Eliquis 5mg tablets so you are not risking your loved ones’ lives. Opt for sites that deliver medicines at sensible prices without compromising on their efficiency. Religiously follow the above guidelines so you are stress-free with the authenticity of your medication and can focus on recovery.

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