Something about Teambuilding – Innovation and Requisite

Something about Teambuilding – Innovation and Requisite

A few years ago, we came across this term. Whether it is the media, business companies, trainings, etc. The term itself actually consists of two words ‘team’ and ‘building’. So, we know that a team represents a group of people who work together and have the same goal. Also, the meaning of the word ‘building’ is known. What, then, is ‘teambuilding’?

Teambuilding is an organized activity outside working hours. It aims to improve relationships between people within a particular interest group. There are teambuildings that last several hours (going to the gym; restaurant), as well as longer ones (joint weekend, excursions…) some physical activity. Through various tasks, games, adventures, team spirit and the ability to find common solutions are developed. For instance, good team games improve communication and motivation and contribute to the unity of the group. After that, all this results in better success in the business of the group in question.

The main guidelines of teambuilding

1. Connectivity and togetherness

This term refers to the development of belonging to a certain group, it means a group of people who work together. So, teambuilding can be focused on two sides, these are: – creating social cohesion

– cohesion of tasks

Social cohesiveness refers to a cocktail of interpersonal relationships that will better connect group members.

Task cohesion refers to improving the performance of group members, and the methods used in these situations are physical activity.

Something about Teambuilding - A group of people - Teambuilding.

2. Roles and norms

All groups set roles and norms, ie rules, over time. Norms are rules that are set based on the behavior of group members. Some set themselves up as leaders, some accepted them, and some did not. It is often the cause of creating a negative atmosphere within the team. In conclusion, the use of clearly defined rules and roles enables the group to successfully achieve the set goal.

3. Communication

Effective interpersonal communication is vital to the functioning of any group task. The rules will develop communication management so that all TB participants have the opportunity to participate in problem solving. After all, these rules encourage them to give their ideas and suggestions. TB exercises can focus on developing the skills of individuals.

4. Interconnectedness or interdependence

Each teambuilding exercise has the task of letting the individual know that he is as important a member of the team as other members. The task of the exercises is to create a feeling of positive interdependence. This means that only if we work together and in the same rhythm, the team will achieve the best result. Otherwise, a certain result will be achieved, but it will probably not be nearly the best. It often happens that an individual neglects a team in order to make a seemingly higher personal gain to the detriment of the group. For example, when a manager is looking a football player, player wants to show himself, he just soloes, dribbles and does not pass the ball to anyone, in order to eventually create nervousness in the team.

Something about Teambuilding - A group of poeople - Teambulding.

The above elements are key to making any TB successful. In other words, People develop these skills in games and exercises based on physical activity and training. We can call them both physical and mental fitness.