How to Look Enchanting With Festive Makeup

How to Look Enchanting With Festive Makeup

We believe that you have already started thinking about the year that is fast approaching and which, of course, we should welcome. The first question is the destination you will choose, the friends with whom you will spend the “craziest night”, what to choose from your wardrobe. And, only at the end, you think about your appearance. However, perhaps you should also think about formal makeup in advance, which requires a certain glamour. So, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you look enchanting with festive makeup.

Festive makeup

Of course, we assume that facial care is something you constantly take care of. Because focusing on makeup without first paying attention to regular care means not achieving the expected results.

How to apply festive makeup

As we mentioned, facial skin care is the basic condition for your make-up to fully come to the fore. These days, devote yourself to your face, which needs to be rested, recovered and hydrated. In addition, take care of the nutritious, high-quality foundation that you apply.


Festive makeup

Correction of some irregularities can be achieved by skillfully applying blush of brown shades, depending on the shape. For example, if you have a wide face, apply blush from the hairline, towards the middle. In this way, you visually narrow your face. If you have strong bones, apply it to the most protruding areas. Also, if you have a high forehead (and you don’t wear bangs), apply blush on your forehead as well. You will mask the sharp beard by covering its lower part.


Eyebrows makeup

Give character to the face and are very important. They must not be thin at all. Otherwise, emphasize them by applying a shadow that is darker than the hair on the brush and simply brush your eyebrows with it.


Of course, represent a very important detail on your face. If you want to achieve a romantic look, choose a peach or pink shade and apply it all over the lid. Brighten the line under the eye with mother-of-pearl. Shadows of similar shades are an ideal combination with black or brown eyeliner. But you can also opt for gold or silver eyeliner, which will give your face a more festive look. Finally, apply a lot of mascara, and false eyelashes only on the outer corners of the eyes.

Eyelid makeup

If you want to achieve a “retro” look, apply a beige or white shadow on the entire lid, and then draw a line along the upper lid with black eyeliner.

Otherwise, if you especially want to emphasize the eyes, we recommend the so-called “smoke eyes” technique, which will fit very well into your festive look. This method involves using a dark shadow (dark brown, dark blue).. Apply the shadow to the entire upper eyelid and a thin line along the lower edge of the eye. Smudge it with a brush, and add a little golden mother-of-pearl under the eyebrows. Finally, line the eyes with black crayon. You can also apply false eyelashes.


Before applying the pencil and lipstick, line the lips with a white pencil. This way you prevent the lipstick from spilling.

Depending on which style you have chosen and how your eyes are made up, choose the color of the lipstick. For example, if you have opted for a romantic look, paint your lips with a pastel cyclamen color, or a peach color.

Lips makeup

If you have a “retro” look, opt for a bold red lipstick.

And, finally, if your look is “smoky”, i.e. vamp, we suggest just lip gloss.


Along with these few tips on how to look enchanting with festive makeup, we suggest, of course, the most beautiful dress, elegant shoes and some unusual jewelry. You are ready for the New Year celebration.