How to Earn a Sports Scholarship

How to Earn a Sports Scholarship

Most students rely on scholarships to fund their academic ambitions. It mainly arises from an unfortunate financial background that cannot afford the expensive tuition and living expenses. A sports scholarship is just one way of getting an opportunity to pursue your dreams.

When I was engaged with the decision to write my essay for money it has occurred to me that a sports scholarship, that was the optimal choice for me, requires a specific level of skill set and athleticism in a certain sport to become eligible, besides performing well in academics. In most cases, such a sports scholarship gets awarded by a coach in their respective sporting program. It can include an athletic scholarship, a soccer scholarship, a basketball scholarship, hockey scolarship, etc.

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But how can you qualify for such an opportunity? The guideline provided should assist you to learn the best way of getting recruited for such a scholarship.

Steps for Earning a Sports Scholarship

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  1. Develop a list of schools you can target for enrolment. You have to compile a schools’ listing equal to your athletic talent, school preferences, and academic level.
  2. Always begin with a large and diverse pool of schools to enhance scholarship chances. After identifying this large pool, narrow down the options as you continue with the application process. It’s generally a bad idea to have a small pool of schools to pick from.
  3. Gather every relevant contact information when it comes to the coaches before initiating contact. It can include phone numbers and email addresses for the respective coaches of the targeted pool of schools. You can send the coaches your professional resume containing all your stats, test scores, and transcripts. Furthermore, you can record and post online a video highlight showcasing your abilities.
  4. Begin the conversation with the respective coaches, and in cases where you don’t get a response after a fortnight, you can go ahead and call them to express your interest. 
  5. Ensure that you also respond to every email reply from the various coaches you have applied to. Further, familiarize yourself and their program as you continue the correspondence to explain the reasons for your interest in that particular school and sporting program. Finally, don’t assume any calls from your prospective coach and prepare in advance when you have to talk on the phone.
  6. Attend and participate in summer camps. You can use showcases and summer camps to gain exposure, but not rely on the avenues to get noticed by coaches. Further, ensure to follow up on any contact a coach initiates with you or parents in the unlikely event that a coach participates. 
  7. Understand the NAIA and NCAA regulations and rules. It’s crucial to understand every rule that becomes applicable to you concerning your high school year or level. You can contact your coaches’ either by using either the NAIA or the NCAA guide to ensure you do not fall afoul of the regulations.
  8. Become aware of your eligibility in terms of academic requirements. In almost all the cases, you have to register either with NAIA or NCAA Eligibility Centers to get clearance for such an athletic scholarship application. 
  9. Research the core courses you have to undertake and the respective grades you must attain to qualify.  


Getting a sports scholarship can prove elusive if you have the talent and brains, but fail to follow the above-mentioned rules. So good luck as you prepare to apply for one. 

About the author

Adrian Lomezzo is a professional writer who acquired a sports scholarship following a process he described in this guest post.