Good and Healthy Alternative to Fitness

Good and Healthy Alternative to Fitness

From a wild animal, through a tug of war and a man’s helper, horses became friends of that same man and created an unbreakable bond with him. After domestic animals that share living space with man (dog and cat), horses became the most beloved animals. One of the areas in which they are very present is equestrian sport.

A brief history of equestrian sport

The first riding school in Europe was opened in the early 16th century in Naples, and then in Madrid and Vienna. The trend of rider training began in France in the 17th century. In 1900, horses first presented themselves at the Olympic Games in Paris. It is interesting that until 1948, the riders could only be men, officers. Since 1951, women have acquired the right to participate in races, but only as trainers.

Equestrian sports disciplines

Equestrian sports encompass several different disciplines, each of which requires special training. Also, for each specific discipline, certain types of horses are bred and trained separately.

Trotting horses – they are genetically predisposed to trotting and start intensive training at the age of 18 months. The horse is ready for trotting races at the age of 2.

Equestrian Sport - an Good and Healthy Alternative to Fitness - Trotting horse

The trot is the movement of a horse in speed when a pair of legs is diagonal (front left and back right) in the air, while the other pair is on the ground. This is a special discipline in which only purebred horses participate.

Gallop race or gallop – this is a sport also we know as “equestrian formula 1”. The horse is running as fast as possible with its natural way of moving. Only horses of the purest English origin and breeding take part in such races.

Equestrian Sport - an Good and Healthy Alternative to Fitness - Gallop horse.

Species of this origin are more expensive than trotters, so the awards are much more tempting. The gallop expresses the endurance, strength and speed of the horse.

Hurdle riding – consists of various races, the so-called. Match. Horses between 4 and 5 years old take part in them.

Equestrian Sport - an Good and Healthy Alternative to Fitness - Hurdle riding.

We say that this is an extreme sport among equestrian disciplines, because jockeys and horses are required to complete parkour (closed field with hurdles). In this race the horse jumps 10 or 13 hurdles.

Therapeutic effects of riding

Horse riding can also have a therapeutic effect, especially for children. At the very beginning of the training, children learn the basics and care of horses. The training of young riders takes place in a manege, a special field or in a dressage arena.

Equestrian Sport - an Good and Healthy Alternative to Fitness - Terapeutic riding.

Medically accepted, therapeutic riding is a discipline used in the therapy and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. A person conducting a program of this type must be familiar with horses and undergo special training. He must also have knowledge of the medical aspect of riding. In doing so, special attention is paid to indications and contraindications, as well as special contents. So, the goal of this type of treatment is to cause positive effects in people with disabilities through psychological, physical and social action. This increases the feeling of satisfaction, mobility and freedom.


The aim of this text is to conclude that we can achieve a positive physical activity outside the gym. Equestrian sport, in addition to taking place outdoors, develops in riders love and care for animals. Also, riding is positive because it requires the activation of the whole muscle, or all muscles.