A Few Useful Rituals before Going to Sleep

A Few Useful Rituals before Going to Sleep

We do not intend to endlessly repeat how many hours you should sleep and why it is important for overall health. Of course, this is a well-known fact. However, most of us, at least from time to time, have had a bad experience with insomnia. If someone is not – bless him. Therefore, in order to avoid this really unpleasant phenomenon, we may need to implement several useful rituals before going to sleep.

We live in a time when it is difficult to strike a balance between business obligations and time for rest. Unfortunately, very often we bring problems from work home, even bring them to bed. In this way, we spend the precious hours intended for sleep in thinking, falling into a vicious circle and welcoming the morning tired.

 So, let’s look at some simple tips that will help us solve this problem.

1. Always at the same time

Everyone who deals with insomnia claims that you should go to bed at the same time every night. This may not be easy to achieve, but try to take this advice seriously. You should start your bedtime routine an hour earlier, in order to calm down and prepare your body for sleep. Because, remember that your productive morning starts the night before.

2. Hot drinks

Hot drink

Drinking the same warm drink every night will help your brain relax. Namely, in this way, he will separate himself from the outside world and switch to night mode. Due to its mild aroma and sedative effect, experts recommend chamomile tea for these purposes. You may also enjoy a cup of warm milk.

3. Meditation

This is a great trick to calm your mind before sleep. If you are tired, it is enough to meditate for only 5 minutes and the result will not fail.

4. Mild stretching


Include a mini-yoga in your bedtime ritual and you will bring yourself to a relaxed and sleepy state. Of course, let them be simple exercises that you can do even if you are too tired. Also, make sure you always exercise in the same place and at the same time. Simply, your body will be perfectly prepared that way. Ten minutes of stretching and deep breathing will help you release the tension built up throughout the day. In addition, it will slow down your thoughts and force you to focus on your body,

5. “Media darkness”

Try to spend an hour before going to bed in complete isolation from the phone, computer, and television. It’s probably hard to imagine, but try. The result will not fail. Maybe you could also take a book?!


With this suggestion for a few useful rituals before going to sleep, we may not have told you anything new. But then why ignore it?