10 Best Plants in the Fight Against Aging

10 Best Plants in the Fight Against Aging

Do you want to be vital and healthy both outside and inside? But let’s see how we can prevent some of the problems that usually occur with aging – heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, degenerative changes, etc. The plants listed here can delay or prevent the development of these conditions, which are usually associated with the “golden” age. So, these plants will help you in your fight against aging, and possible negative side effects.

1. Ginseng – longevity

One of the best plants in the fight against aging - ginseng.

It has long been known in Chinese medicine that this plant occupies a prominent place in the promotion of long and healthy life. Research shows that people who use this plant regularly are much less likely to get cancer. In some clinical trials, people who use traditional therapy in the treatment of cancer also get ginseng. It strengthens the organism and increases its defense power. Therefore, it has a negative effect on the disease, thus prolonging life.

2. Hawthorn – protects the heart

Numerous studies have proven that hawthorn directly nourishes the heart muscle. So, it greatly regenerates tissue and helps in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic heart disorders.

3. Grape seeds – extract

The specific chemical elements found in grape seeds are considered to be of great benefit to the health of blood vessels and the brain.

4. Garlic – a shield against heart disease

Garlic has been found to lower cholesterol, triglycerides, the causes of blockages and high blood pressure – all factors that lead to heart disease. So, we can consume it as an extract or, even better, as fresh. It is one of plants against aging.

5. Blueberry – for excellent eyesight

Scientists have proven that blueberries have positive effects on small blood vessels, which supply the retina of the eye. Healthy blood flow to the eye is the main factor that slows down the weakening of vision that occurs in somewhat later years.

One of the best plants in the fight against aging - blueberry

In combination with the “Ginkgo” plant, blueberries can reduce eye muscle degeneration by up to 50%, so it’s very good for your health.

6. Green tea – against stress and cancer

Numerous studies have shown that green tea has anticancer properties, especially when it comes to the bladder, colon, pancreas, esophagus and lungs. It can also have a preventive effect against prostate, breast and ovarian cancer.

Green tea, it seems, has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, and also prevents strokes and heart attacks.

7. Turmeric – a powerful antioxidant

Hindu meal - turmeric

This specific yellow spice is part of the Indian curry. It is an element of the ancient science of Ayurvedic medicine. Because it contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body, which can lead to cancer. Some research from India indicates that this plant may be useful in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Ginkgo biloba – for brain power

Research has shown that ginkgo has the ability to contribute to longer cell life, as well as to improve memory and concentration.

Recent studies have also revealed its positive effects in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Echinacea – long-term benefit

One of the best plants in the fight against aging - echinacea

Certain controversies follow the interpretation of this plant as a support for the immune system. Some experts in the field of plants believe that long-term use of this plant will lead to the body’s resistance to it. However, there are many more who think otherwise (and prove it).

10. Schizadra berries – protector of the liver

Schizadra is one of Chinese plants against aging. So, we use it to promote liver function, especially to expel chemical pollutants from the body. When it is overloaded for a long period of time, the liver will in most cases lead to a threat to the immune system. This results in a weakening of the defense against mutated cells, which are the initiators of tumor development.