Simple Ways to Avoid a Hangover

Simple Ways to Avoid a Hangover

Of course, we all know the meaning of the word “hangover”. Some, and perhaps a large number of them, have experienced it. In this text, we do not intend to propagate this condition. On the contrary. But, the fact is that we can still find ourselves in a situation when our head “shoots” from an excessive amount of drink. Let’s see how to avoid a hangover.

Eat a plate of soup

Soup plate

Before you even start drinking, eat a plate of vegetable soup. The soup will coat your stomach and give you enough antioxidants to protect your cells. Also, take some multivitamin, which will help absorb nutrients.

Don’t be stingy

Cheap drinks lead to much bigger hangovers. They contain numerous agents for which cheap drinks are “rich”. These agents cause much more violent reactions and act faster, leading to unwanted consequences. Perhaps we should not ignore the fact that by buying cheap drinks, you will not impress the girl who is in your company.

Avoid fizzy drinks

Avoid fizzy drinks.

Diet, carbonated and all sparkling drinks increase the amount of alcohol that reaches the bloodstream. Also, it is advisable not to use ice. Researchers have found that the cold of the ice widens the opening at the top of the abdomen, so you take larger sips.

Choose the right glasses

Tall and narrow glasses reduce the amount of alcohol you pour into them, compared to those shorter and wider. Interestingly, we pour less alcohol into narrow glasses, even if they have the same volume as wide ones.

A glass of milk before bed

Glass of milk.

If you drink a cup of milk before going to bed, you will feel the result in the morning. Namely, milk contains the substance tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin in the brain. We know that serotonin helps us sleep, so we will rest better this way.

Some more ways to avoid a hangover

In addition to milk, there are several foods that will also help you eliminate this condition.

  • For example eggs. They contain an amino acid (cysteine) that breaks down toxins that cause hangovers very quickly. But. It is much more efficient if the egg is cooked, not baked. 
  • In addition, eat a banana, which will replenish your potassium. Take some fruit juice, which contains fructose. 
  • Eat whole grain bread, because it contains the necessary vitamin B. 
  • Make and drink ginger tea.

Get some fresh air

Girl is riding a bike.

You feel bad and weak. Lying in bed will not help. Get active. Do a few light exercises, of course – outside. Ideally, you should gather strength and ride a bike. This minimally moves the sore