How to recover quickly and efficiently after Covid-19

How to recover quickly and efficiently after Covid-19

Shortness of breath, hair loss, loss of sense of smell and taste as well as memory impairment – whoever has crossed Covid-19 knows what we are talking about. You can help your body regenerate naturally. In this text, we will help you recover quickly and efficiently after Covid-19. Practice special breathing methods, drink “golden” milk, eat healthy, use essential oils “


One of the consequences of Covid-19 is shortness of breath. A healthy person’s breathing is uninterrupted, even and without breaks. A healthy person always inhales through the nose. Everything is fine with your lungs if you do 8-12 breathing cycles (inhale-exhale) per minute in peace.

A girl is breathing

Of course, during the course of the disease and immediately after healing, respiratory function is impaired. One of the recommendations for simple breathing control is found in Eastern teachings, Ayurveda. It’s very simple – Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as possible, then exhale through your nose.

Fluid consumption

The above-mentioned teaching of Ayurveda recommends drinking a very large amount of clean water during illness. Water helps the body fight disease, gives it strength and flushes out toxins. In addition to water, drinking so-called “golden” milk gives very good results. You can make it yourself by adding turmeric, dried ginger and butter to the milk. The drink is very healing and beneficial. For this reason, you can drink it even when you are completely healthy.

Hair Recovery Tip

The process of hair loss will probably scare you. You can solve this problem by rinsing your scalp with herbal teas. Also, it is recommended to put herbal masks or vegetable oils on your hair. By the way, oil is one of the most important components for the human body. It should be used externally (body, hair, skin), as well as orally because it contains a large amount of useful substances.

Hair recovery

It is also useful to consume larger amounts of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains against hair loss.

Loss of sense of smell

One of the unpleasant consequences of Covid-19 is the loss of the sense of smell. This can be solved with the help of aromatic oils. Buy lavender, orange, lemon, sage and so on at any pharmacy. You can smell it directly from the bottle, inhaling as deeply as possible. You can also spray it into the air with a sprayer. Even if you don’t feel anything, keep doing it. Treat your rooms regularly with these healing scents.

Loss of concentration

Solving crossword puzzle.

It often happens that a person who overcomes Covid-19 has reduced memory and impaired concentration. This is not a reason for fear, because it is only temporary. We recommend that you exercise your brain. Read books, memorize some verses, solve crossword puzzles. In this way you constantly give the brain new challenges and you will not degrade your knowledge.

Wrap up

To summarize, in addition to medical treatment and these above-mentioned tips, what is very important is faith in yourself. Believe that you will recover from Covid-19 and you will really become healthy.