5 Facts about Insomnia That Will Surprise You

5 Facts about Insomnia That Will Surprise You

Although for those who are unfamiliar with this facts, insomnia is not a particular problem, it can become a very serious and destructive factor in your life. In this text, we will present a few facts that may surprise you, but also help you drive away this problem. Here are some advices how to avoid a lack of sleep.

1. To fall asleep, we need about 15 minutes. If your sleep does not come in an hour, it is probably an episodic insomnia. But, if it happens to you 3 or more times a week, you should look for the cause of this phenomenon.

2. The causes of insomnia can be very banal. Screen radiation (TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone) negatively affects our biorhythm and prevents the production of sleep hormones, melatonin. The cause of restless sleep can also be an uncomfortable pillow, synthetic bedding, a hearty dinner, the room is not ventilated, etc. You will notice that these are causes that you can eliminate today.

3. The real myth is that a glass of alcohol will help you fall asleep faster. On the contrary, alcohol will make sleep restless, and waking up difficult, with a headache.

4. Sleeping pills? It is a, let’s be realistic, one-time measure. If we take them for a long time and uncontrollably, we can become addicted and then addicted. Therefore, be careful with medications.

Sleeping with pills.

5. People who overindulge in sweets more often than others have trouble sleeping. Due to the large amount of sugar in the blood, the body begins to produce the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and they are great enemies of sleep.