Total Gym Supreme: A Review

Total Gym Supreme: A Review

The Total Gym Supreme is among the most affordable Total Gym’s on offer today. This system includes a mixture of features and attachments that makes it appealing to certain people.

But with various models on offer today, is the Total Gym Supreme the right one for you? Here is more information to help you make an informed choice.

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Resistance Levels

This is probably the best place to start. With the Supreme, you can decrease or increase the resistance on the machine by changing the height of the sliding-base from one end. This will either decrease or increase how much you are lifting. This machine is lightweight, offers a unique design, while the set up is simple and it does not require external weights.

Exercises you can do with Total Gym Supreme

All the Total Gyms provide a full-body workout along with many exercise options focusing on your core, legs, and arms. Yet certain models allow for more exercise options when compared to others. The Supreme offers more than 60 types of exercises that you can perform.

With the Supreme, there are tons of core, lower body, and upper body movements. One of the best parts of all these exercises is the fact that you have control over your range-of-motion. The exercises are also low-impact, great for people who suffer from arthritic or achy joints.


The Supreme includes the following attachments:

total gym supreme attachments

Ab-Crunch Accessory

This accessory attaches to the frame from the top allowing for reverse crunches where you bring your knees towards your chest.

Leg-Pull Accessory

This is an ankle cuff, providing a way to perform a variety of lower-body exercises.

Tri-Grip Shaper Bars

This attachment provides 3 different grip positions to perform exercises such as pull-ups.

Squat Stand

This accessory is a platform that you stand on to perform squats.

Similar to other similar models, the Supreme comes with standard handles (the ones that you use to perform upper-body movements). The attachments available with this machine provide a way to perform many different moves along with different grips. When you compare the Supreme to other similar models, the Supreme is very average when it comes to the included attachments.


The Total Gym Supreme is offered with a guarantee that covers the following:

  • 6-months on the parts
  • 1-year on the frame


  • You can perform exercises with a full range of motion
  • There are 60 different exercises to choose from
  • Low-impact, gentle exercise
  • 12 resistance levels
  • Comes with 4 different attachments
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Comes assembled
  • Affordable price


  • Short warranty
  • 275 lb light-weight capacity
total gym supreme

Final Thoughts on Total Gym Supreme

The Total Gym Supreme, similar to other versions, is a somewhat simple machine. It comes with a base that you can adjust the height, a sliding-board, and pulleys. This system might be simple, yet it is also remarkably effective.

As a more budget-friendly model, the Supreme has loads to offer. These models offer 4 different attachments and provide more than 60 exercises to choose from. These options provide you with far better control when it comes to your workouts.

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And lastly, here is an example of a workout with Total Gym Supreme: