How To Pick The Best Running Shoe (Infographic)

How To Pick The Best Running Shoe (Infographic)

With so many running shoes on the market advertising the latest high-tech features, it can be difficult to find the pair to best handle your low, medium or high mileage. However, understanding the mechanics of your running style may help you discover your best fit ever. Whether you’re a casual runner seeking a new pair of sneakers or a seasoned athlete looking for replacement footwear, consider these tips for choosing the perfect running shoe.

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Investing in a good, properly fitted pair of running shoes can provide support for the natural biomechanics of your feet, reduce stress on your joints and help prevent injury. Consider visiting a specialty running store to have a gait analysis conducted by an expert. This will determine your running mechanics, such as whether your foot rolls to the inside, outside or stays straight while you sprint. A gait analysis also can help you find a shoe with the cushioning, motion control or stability that’s best for your stride.

Consider getting your feet measured each time you purchase new shoes. While you may think you know your size, feet can change over time and the fit of one shoe might differ from another. Keep in mind that your feet also tend to swell during exercise, so you may need to go up a half or full size. Without adequate room to swell, your feet can be prone to blisters, calluses and other nuisances. Also, if your forefoot bones don’t have room to expand due to running shoes that are too tight, the body cannot absorb shock correctly. This can lead to potential injuries in the skeletal and muscular systems.

Quality, comfortable running shoes can make all the difference to your training regime. For additional tips on selecting a shoe that matches your natural running gait, see the accompanying slideshow.

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