Is Shapewear Good for Exercise?

Is Shapewear Good for Exercise?

Shapewear can be great for contouring your body and it can also help different outfits flow better with your body. As much as it can be a nice fashion accessory, some women may wonder if they can use their shapewear as workout gear as well.

Some shapewear can be used as activewear. In fact, some research suggests that certain types of shapewear could help with your workout. With that said, you wouldn’t want to use just any piece of shapewear at the gym. You have to account for a few factors when considering whether you want to wear shapewear when you exercise.


A girl is stretching in comfort sportswear

Whether it is bras for exercise, tights or any other piece of activewear, you need to think about comfort. Shapewear can make you look better when you exercise, but if it is uncomfortable, the garment is working against you. When selecting shapewear for exercise, you want it to fit snug to your body, but you don’t want it to be too tight. If it is uncomfortable to wear, you will be less productive at the gym and that will hinder your workout.


A guy in shirt without compression

Shapewear comes in different compression levels. You might want the garment to shape or smooth different areas of your body, but you want to be careful when you consider the compression level. A compression level that might be fine for when you are mostly stationary might be too much for when you are working out. When you work out, you need to breathe heavily. If the garment restricts your breathing, it could cause you to fatigue sooner or it might make you feel dizzy because you are unable to inhale enough oxygen.


A girl is running in shapewear pants

You shouldn’t wear any shapewear that will restrict movement. If the garment limits your ability to move, it isn’t suitable for exercise. Fortunately, there is shapewear that can work well for exercise. Try to find something that fits tight to your body without limiting movement. If it is tight and it fits well, it will offer a good range of motion for a wide range of exercises.


The activewear fabric with breathable material

Some shapewear might not be suitable for exercise because of the fabric. Some of the materials might trap sweat and make you uncomfortable when you are working out. When considering activewear fabrics, you want to look for materials that are breathable. You should also look for fabrics that wick moisture away from the body. With the right fabrics, you will stay cooler and feel more comfortable during your workout.

With the right shapewear, you can smooth or shape your body for the gym and still get a great work out. You just need to know how to select pieces that will work well and be comfortable for the activity.