Camping Essentials You MUST Have!

Camping Essentials You MUST Have!

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Camping is not an easy task. So before you decide to go on your camping adventure, see what you must definitely have with you so you don’t end up looking for a rental room in the middle of August.

If you are a fan of free camping then you will definitely be prepared and ready for this year’s vacation. If, however, your pockets are a bit “light” then you will probably need a some help to organize. Check out his camping essentials guide; we have gathered what you most likely need to have with you so that you do not find yourself … walking barefoot in the thorns.

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A humble abode

In this case it is not made of bricks and tiles but rather of polyester. Buy a tent according to your taste and your … pocket. Prices might be varying from very cheap to pro-class expensive tents. Make sure to get a seperate awning so you can set it up over the over the tent for more shade. Prefer a tent designed  for one or two more people than you will actually be using, in order to have space for your items and extra comfort.

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Essential for sleeping

Choose a sleeping bag according to your needs and the appropriate temperature of your destination. A sleeping pad is also a good investment. You can choose between foldable or inflatable pads. For those, seeking extra comfort, you can bring along inflatable pillows. Also, if the weather is cold, it might be wise to bring some kind of thermal sleep-wear or pajamas

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Hit the lights

The stars and the moon at night are romantic, no one doubts that. But they are not enough to illuminate your way on the campsite if you are on a deserted beach or in a dark forest. You will need a flashlight when you are out at night and lights in the tent so you can do your tasks and be able to see each other if you’re sharing tent. For those seeking mobility, you could buy a head-lamp.

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An entire household

This will depend on how long you plan on staying in the tent and on the campsite. If you want to spend time there, you have to take folding chairs and tables to make your own living room outside the tent. Many campers also have pots, portable refrigerators, gas cookers and various kitchenware to cook. There are also solar ovens that use the sunlight as a source of power to cook the food.

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What about hygiene?

Again it depends on how “close” you want to come to nature. The bare essentials usually include bio-degradable baby wipes or toilet paper, eco-friendly shampoo or some kind of hand sanitizer. Make sure you have access to clean water. Bear in mind that if you are going to be spending several days in the wilderness you are going to have to wash your clothes and kitchenware. Some campsites provide the commodity of a shared baths and portable toilets.

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In case of an emergency…

You must always have a first aid kit equipped with the necessary in the event of an injury or stinging, such as cotton, gauze, bandages, alcohol, iodine, painkillers, thermometer, antiseptic, ointment for bites and burns, antihistamines, syringes. It is advisable you have an injection or a pill of cortisone for cases of allergic shock.

What you usually forget

The chances of you forgetting about your tent are somewhat small. But leaving your home and forgetting the mosquito repellent are very likely. The insect repellent is indispensable as you are in the wilderness as you will be the perfect prey for all mosquitoes in the area. Make a list of the essential items that you need and make sure you check everything before leaving.

The more prepared you are the better the time you will have on your camping adventure. And don’t forget the golden rule. Take only pictures, leave only footprints!