7 Essential Items In A Gym Bag

7 Essential Items In A Gym Bag

Surely every gym bag is unique: it contains items which represent the goals we have set, our special activities and even our personality.

Nevertheless, there are a few items which are simply impossible to neglect, whether you are a seasoned gym-junkie or an occasional member of a local gym. Here are 7 essential items in a gym bag:

Clean sportswear

a guy doing exercises

One of the most essential items that you should make sure that you always have with you at the gym, is a set of clean sportswear. This usually includes a sports t-shirt and a pair of shorts or a tracksuit. Just make sure they are comfortable and preferably sweat wicking, because you are going to be sweating and the last thing you need is clothes drenched in sweat. Our advice: invest in quality gym clothes.

A towel

A set of fresh clean blue towels

A clean towel is part of the gym etiquette. If you are the “sweaty dude,” then the use of an extra towel is in order … Not like it is not highly recommended for everybody else as well. Towels soak up sweat, while some purely sporty make it evaporate even faster than cotton! You also avoid the sweat of others using a towel. It is good to wipe the machine both before and after use. If the previous person just finished up using the machine, the less of a “sticky situation” for you.

Second pair of shoes and sports socks

gym shoes

-In most training areas, if not all, it is necessary to use clean sports shoes. Keep a pair that you only use at the gym and you do not wear anywhere else. Additionally, the extra pair of socks will save you from unpleasant odors and from possible fungal infections as well!

Water bottle – a gym bag essential

a man and a woman drinking water

It seems self-evident but water is missing from many gym bags. When you train you tend to lose fluids due to sweating so you need a source of hydration. There may be a cooler in the training area or a vending machine but it is good to have autonomy in this matter. Prefer glass bottles even if they might be heavier, as plastic contains dangerous toxic substances.

Healthy snack

apples, a healthy snack in a gym bag

After a good workout our morale might rise up but our energy reserves are falling rapidly and the body is in need “fuel” replenishment. Prefer fruits and nuts and avoid energy bars and sweets even if it might seem like a quicker and tastier solution. Protein shakers are not mentioned here because they are intended for special dietary purposes.

Tissue or sanitary wipes

They are needed always and everywhere; not only inside a gym bag. It is a smart solution for any kind of stains, runny nose, sweat and many other uses. A bottle of hand sanitizer is also a very practical item to carry with, when you need to clean your hands.

Notepad & Workout plan

an empty notepad and a pen

Absolutely necessary. If you are serious about improving your physical condition, you need to keep notes about your progress, the various exercises, times and days. It will help you very much if you have a basic level of organization, as well as in all areas of your life.

What you don’t need: valuables, jewelry, a whole bag of cosmetics and your iPad 🙂