Why Blood Tests Are Important for Bodybuilders

Why Blood Tests Are Important for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires high levels of discipline. Many bodybuilders spend years honing and crafting techniques, diets, and lifestyle regimes that serve their athletic goals. 

Because they put so much work into their outward physique, it’s important that bodybuilders understand what is happening inside their bodies. A thorough understanding of physiology and exercise science helps bodybuilders hone their diet and supplement plans, but it’s also vital to maintaining proper health.

Bloodtest training

Doing blood work before and after specific periods of training will help a bodybuilder understand the impact they are having on their own body. They will be able to see any trouble spots they might be having with nutrients and hormones, which can significantly impact muscle growth and body composition.

With this information in hand, the bodybuilder can adjust their program to ensure better results and avoid any adverse health risks in the future. Before we dive into blood tests bodybuilders may want to consider, let’s talk about a few of the great benefits of bodybuilding.

Benefits of Bodybuilding

There are many benefits to bodybuilding, and most of them are obviously physical. However, many don’t consider the mental health benefits that can come with bodybuilding. Consistent weight training can help make you more mentally fit while improving your general health, physical appearance, and performance. Let’s dive a little deeper into those benefits below.

Mental Benefits

Depression, stress, and anxiety are often reduced when you work out. Not only does weight training give you a healthy outlet for excess energy, but it also allows you to blow off steam instead of letting it build up inside of you. This can lead to lower levels of stress and, as a result, less anxiety in your day-to-day life.

Mental benefits

Plus, engaging in weight training also releases endorphins in your brain. These endorphins block the perception of pain and help you feel good. Also, the impact of improving your body image will help improve your self-esteem and confidence, which can have ripple effects that improve other parts of your life. This can all be part of a comprehensive and holistic approach to your health, where physical and mental aspects of your life support each other in service of your total well-being.

Health Benefits

Consistent weight training is also excellent for your long-term health. You can improve your blood pressure, reduce your chance of obesity, and keep your cholesterol in check. Larger muscles will help improve your metabolism and manage your blood sugar.

Though it’s an obvious benefit, you’ll also have better strength and stamina in your daily life, making it much easier to get stuff done around the house and tackle your to-do list.

Best Blood Tests for Bodybuilders

So what blood tests should bodybuilders be taking? Some of the best tests for people who do heavy weight training include CBC and CMP-14. Doctors also recommend testing for insulin, thyroid hormones, reproductive hormones, and cortisol.

There may be even more tests recommended by your doctor, depending on your health status or if you currently are experiencing any ongoing health conditions that need further attention. These tests are even more vital for bodybuilders who take testosterone or anabolic steroids. They will help maximize the athlete’s benefit and limit any side effects that might be experienced. 

Let’s go into further detail about the tests for bodybuilders that will help them dive deeper into their health and better inform your bodybuilding journey.


CBC stands for a complete blood count. This is a standard blood test that is often done as part of routine checkups. Since it evaluates your levels of blood cells, it offers you a good overview of your health.


Depending on your results, you can determine if there’s anything you need to change in your diet or supplement regime. You can also start treating any health conditions that might interfere with your bodybuilding goals. 


CMP stands for comprehensive metabolic panel. This test is often used as a preliminary screening tool for evaluating overall health. The CMP consists of 14 blood tests. It measures things such as electrolytes and fluid balance, as well as glucose levels and kidney function.

A CMP test allows a bodybuilder to get a good idea of how their metabolism is functioning. As we all know, metabolism is a key factor in bodybuilding, helping our bodies process food, create energy, and burn fat. This makes it one of the best tests for bodybuilders, allowing them to fine-tune their diet and supplement regime to further enhance their metabolism.

Hormone Tests

Hormone tests are often a vital part of a bodybuilder’s life. This is because hormones are inextricably linked with muscle health and growth. For example, anabolic hormones play a key role in getting your muscles to synthesize new fibers and grow in size.

Hormone test

For a bodybuilder that is taking anabolic steroids or testosterone, these blood tests will help you monitor changes in your hormone levels and avoid letting your levels get either too high or too low. They will also be able to avoid some of the side effects that come along with taking these hormones on a regular basis.

That’s why it’s essential to do a hormone test if you are engaging in extensive weight training. Testing hormones such as testosterone and estrogen will help a bodybuilder pinpoint if their levels are at appropriate levels. For men and women, this process will look a little bit different, as they require different levels of hormones for optimal bodybuilding results.


Blood tests can be a key part of a bodybuilder’s regime. They will not only give you insights into your health but also lend you insight into areas you need to improve. In this way, blood tests offer bodybuilders the knowledge to make strong decisions that will improve their body composition and general fitness while also not compromising their health. 

Author Bio:

Dr. Edward Salko is the board-certified physician who reviews lab tests provided by PERSONALABS™. He earned his Bachelor of Science in chemistry and pre-med from the University of Florida in Gainesville and his Doctor of Osteopathy Medicine in 1980 from Kansas City University School of Medicine.