What are the Best Ways to Successfully Use Handles

What are the Best Ways to Successfully Use Handles

You have probably seen a large number of different handles in the gym, and even tried to “try” them. But, you’re probably still not quite sure what they’re made for and what exercises are best to use them for. That is why we will try to introduce you to the basic application of these props and their use. So let’s see what are the best ways to use handles.

D handle

D handle

Is used for one-arm exercises and strengthening of the rear deltoids (for example, when rowing). Its advantage is that it allows the joint to move in its natural range of motion and rotate without the risk of injury. It is most often used in the so-called “pulldown” exercises, when you pull the load down.

The ZE handle

Is used for exercises with flexion of the wrist, as well as for the mentioned “pulldown” exercises. It is a good substitute for a real bar, because it does not stress the joints. Experts recommend holding it so that the distance between the hands is equal to the width of the shoulders. Your hands should be at a 45 degree angle to your arms. Do not tighten it too much, in order to avoid rotation of the joint.


Gym rope

Used for triceps exercises, but also for curls. The rope is characterized by its elasticity. Of course, this will allow you to externally rotate your wrist while doing the exercise. In this way, you activate the triceps muscles to a greater extent. It is important to note that you hold the rope with your palms facing each other.

Straight bar 

Used in various variations of rowing and extension exercises. The advantage of this prop is that it allows you to use a greater load than any other piece of equipment.

Gym bar

By the way, it is mostly known to practitioners, but perhaps it should be reminded. Namely, lifting exercises are done so that your hands are as far apart as your shoulders are. In exercises where the palms are facing down, you should not grasp the bar with your thumb. At the same time, if you exercise with your palms facing up, you should wrap your thumb around the bar.


In this brief overview of the characteristics and application of different types of handles and grips, we have tried to draw your attention only to the basic facts. Those who deal with this more seriously, mostly know that. However, our goal was to introduce you, or remind you, which are the best ways to successfully use handles. It may help you get the most out of your workout while being as safe as possible.