Twelve Basic Truths about Muscle Building You Need To Remember

Twelve Basic Truths about Muscle Building You Need To Remember

When the aim is muscle building, there is no dearth of preferences, methods, and theories out there. Now, your goal can be to improve performance, aesthetics, health, or a mix of all three. Regardless of that, there is more than enough advice out there to help you. Talk about information overload!

In all the information out there, what we frequently tend to forget are the basic facts. And it is those simple things that matter the most. After all, building muscles is not all about the hours you spend at the gym.

On that note, here’s bringing twelve basic facts about muscle building.

Your body needs a sufficient amount of protein

You need to have protein with each meal as it helps in building and maintaining muscles. Opting for Whey protein supplements is wise. Though its amount depends on your level of activity, the general direction is to have a gram of protein a day for each pound of body weight.

Basic Truths about Muscle Building

Spread out the protein intake over five to six small meals, and don’t go overboard. Remember, the excess of nothing is good. Not even protein!

You also need carbs to build muscles

The body can only use protein to build muscle if you have enough carbs to provide energy to your body. Otherwise, it will start tapping into that protein to gain that fuel. Carbohydrates offer energy for important muscle functions and act as fuel for your brain. 

But, you need to be careful about the carbs you choose. It is better to go with minimally processed carbs like quinoa, oats, and veggies.

Eat small portions but frequently through the day

Skipping breakfast isn’t the way to go when the aim is to build muscles. If you want to keep your metabolism high, eat at least five small meals daily. That does not mean you will eat whatever you get. Always opt for healthy food, like fruits, dry fruits, seeds and grains etc. 

Eating small portion

When you don’t eat often, muscle (and not fat) becomes the most easily available substance that your body consumes. The body becomes resistant to losing fat and turns to attack the lean muscles first. If you want to save those muscles, keep enough fuel in the tank.

No compromises on your sleep schedule

You’re working out daily and having the right supplements. And yet, something seems to be lacking. The chances are that it is sleep. Adequate sleep is a must to build muscles. You should sleep for at least seven to eight hours at night. Your body releases testosterone and growth hormone when you sleep. 

It allows your body to grow and recover. You’re basically sabotaging your own efforts to build muscles if you aren’t sleeping enough.

Engage your core to build a strong foundation

Olympic lifts and beach muscles will get you all the attention. But you need a resilient core to offer a strong foundation for muscle building. So, work on the many stabilizer muscles that exist around your midsection, hips, and shoulders.

Challenging the mobility and stability of the key muscles pays major dividends. Try to use physioballs, medicine balls, mini-bands, lifting, and chopping exercises into the mix.

It is not only about doing lifts at the gym

Gym weightlifting

Building muscles is also possible from paddling, hauling big jugs of water, flipping tires, carrying logs, using monkey bars, and so on. The finest muscle-building techniques are the ones that mimic those everyday movements. As a bonus, these will also prepare you for the obstacle races if you are into that.

Focus on your glutes to build muscles

The sedentary work culture has created a legion of hunched over individuals with bad backs and tight hips from long hours of sitting. A weak set of glutes will make it difficult to effectively build your muscles. 

You need to learn to move through your hips and fire those glutes. You will start moving properly, which will help build muscles efficiently with less threat of injury.

Women will never get too bulky

Women, contrary to popular belief, will never get too muscular unless they take any harmful supplements or wrong steroids. They do not have the testosterone needed to put on that kind of muscle.

Take a protein shake after your workout

Your body screams for nutrients by the end of your workout. Think of it as refueling the tank, which will help your body recover and repair the wear and tear of your muscles. 

A simple strategy is to place a shaker bottle in your gym bag to have protein shakes during and after those strenuous rounds of the workout.

Gym is not the only way to build muscles

Water sports like surfing, swimming, and paddleboarding are good ways to build your muscles. Regardless of how you train, drinking water is crucial to building your muscle.

Drink enough water after, during, and before exercise to increase your performance up to twenty-five percent. It is important to have half to one ounce of water per pound of your body weight daily to remain hydrated.

A routine workout is not a good thing

Your body adapts quicker than you think, so a routine workout is not what you should go for. Training at a particular time every day is great, but keep challenging yourself constantly.

Keep adding new movements regularly. If you turn to any familiar exercise, go for your personal best.

Involve more muscles in your training

Involve more muscles in your training

You can spend more time on isolated exercises like leg extensions or bicep curls. However, try to gain more benefits from exercise that involve more of your body. Consider swinging, chopping, and rotational movements that offer a greater range of motion. It will help you build muscles faster.


So, when it comes to building your muscles, do keep these truths in mind. And, of course, you need the right supplements and accessories to help you on your fitness journey. Combination of these three will make your muscle building journey smooth and effective!