Simple Cardio Exercises Against Stress

Simple Cardio Exercises Against Stress

School, work, emotional life, financial obligations and a large number of other responsibilities – “universal” are phenomena that affect our lives. We are exposed to different effects of these factors every day . But, it is up to us how we will deal with them. In the following text, we will try to help you fight stress with simple cardio exercises.

How to submit daily commitments?

How to Fight Stress with Simple Cardio Exercises? - A businessman is pondering about time management.

Our urban life is full of smaller or larger obligations. So, very often, we are prevented from fulfilling them all. In addition to setting priorities, it is also necessary to “arm” oneself with strength and patience. The experiences of millions of fitness fans tell us that achieving goals, with less stress, is not so impossible. Exercise is exactly what can help us to fulfill our daily obligations. If it is possible – with as little stress.

How do exercises affect us?

When we practice running, swimming, cycling or any other endurance exercises, the thyroid gland releases the hormone Endorphin. It blocks the feeling of pain and creates a feeling of euphoria. Endorphin binds to neuro-receptors in the brain and removes the unpleasant feeling. The four primary effects of endorphins include relieving pain, reducing stress, improving the immune system, and delaying the aging process also. For exercise, endorphins represent “the second wind in the back.

The action of endorphins


Endorphin begins to swell in moments of intense stress. As training progresses, so does endorphin production. This inhibits the sensation of pain to the conscious part of the brain. Endorphins have the ability to hide mental and physical stress and dull pain. Pain in the midst of illness or injury. Also, it returns the body to a normal way of functioning. This natural phenomenon can serve as an explanation for why individuals become addicted to exercise.


Although Endorphin cannot solve our problems, it allows us to cope with real stress more calmly and comfortably. Participating in cardio workouts ensures that we can cope with less trauma. It also strikes a balance in the excessive amount of responsibility. If stress has become a common occurrence in your life, stop stressing and start sweating regularly – in training. So, that’s the way you’ll fight the stress.