Looking to Practice Golf at Home? Get these 5 Gears

Looking to Practice Golf at Home? Get these 5 Gears

Golf is a difficult game to master. However, this shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your passion for the sport. Like other sports, you can master the arts of golfing by practicing regularity. And while it makes sense to practice on a typical golf field, you may want to consider practicing at home as well, especially during days when visiting the golf field isn’t up your street.

Of course, if you like the idea of practicing at home, you’ll be looking to stock your home with the right golf gears suited for home practice. To save you from the frustration of buying equipment that isn’t needed for your home practice and the stress of trying to put together a list of what you need to buy, we have highlighted a list of golf gear to purchase.

But before we reveal this list, why should you practice golf at home?

Benefits of Practicing Golf at Home

Usually, every golf enthusiast—be it a newbie or a professional—would want to test and improve their skills on a standard course with lots of golfers and the typical golf surrounding. But does this make the idea of enhancing your skills at home useless or less beneficial?

Playing golf at home


Practicing golf at home comes with its share of benefits. Here are a few of them:

  1. Can be done fast. A few minutes of uninterrupted practice will reap significant benefits.
  2. Practice more as there is no movement to and from the course.
  3. Can be as helpful as being on the range
  4. You can practice the right body movement without even hitting a ball with home practice.
  5. Practice allows the subconscious mind to dominate when on the golf course. 

Whenever you feel like home practice is an absolute waste of time, energy, and money, remember that 15 minutes of home practice will yield better results than years of mindlessly beating balls on the course.

How to practice golf at home

1. Golf fitness drills:

You need to ensure that your body is in good shape to excel in golf. The primary benefits of golf drills are to prevent injury, add speed, power, and precision to your swing, and cut down tiredness on the course.

Here are common exercises to consider:

a) Side Steps-Ups

b) Lunges with rotation

c) Medicine core ball rotations

d) Cat camels

2.  Long game drills: 

As the name implies, long game drills are done to improve your long game without visiting the course. It is an element of your golf game that introduces you to the short game and can be a little frightening due to the variety of visual components. But that shouldn’t make you scared as with constant practice, you can hone your long and short game. 

Golf at home

Common examples of long game drills are:

a) Sync drill

b) Lag drill

c) Lower body sequence drill

 3. Putting drills

Want to improve your score? Then improve your putting! To do this, you need to engage in putting drills. A basic putting drill involves creating a target and practicing your shot at different distances. You can leverage putting aids like mirrors or arcs. They offer feedback on your swing and clubface.

List Of Gears You Need

1. Contact Bag

A smash bag is a golf home practice equipment that helps golfers improve on a specific movement, which would be hard to perform by hitting a golf ball. This technologically advanced golf equipment comes with a heavy-duty zipper and a material that can withstand high impact, thus causing it to last long.

You can practice with the smash bag using any club, whether wood, iron, hybrid, etc. It is designed to remain strong to meet the demands of your game.

Note that your club isn’t prone to damage when used with this bag. The bag’s job is to provide you with feedback on the precision, including the general quality.

2. Chipping Net

After making arrangements to purchase a smash bag, what next? Chipping net!

Chipping net

You cannot enjoy a golf practice at home without a chipping net. A chipping net is perfect for practicing your short game, especially for beginners. It comes with a varying number of holes placed strategically. Your job is to try and chip your ball into any of the holes. When you do that, you have earned a point. However, if you miss, you can always try again. The essence of the net is to help you:

a) Improve your chipping accuracy

b) Boost your confidence in the course

c) Practice 24/7 in varying weather conditions

d) Enjoy your home practice

Ensure you have many balls available, so you don’t have to walk back and forth looking for balls to have another go.

3. Golf putting trainer

Putting is a crucial aspect every golfer needs to improve on. Unfortunately, many newbies ignore this skill and focus on long-range abilities. If you fall in such a category, you need to focus more on your putting before shifting your attention to others.

And how do you do that?

A good way to improve your putting from the comfort of your home is by purchasing a golf putting trainer. This equipment can help you improve your distance control and straight hitting (two main putting concepts). It comes with materials that help steady the ball and prevent it from bouncing out.

You can use putting trainers indoors or outdoors regardless of the weather or surface. The best part? The tool is easy to set up!

4. Golf  Practice Carpet

Who said you need to head out to the course to hone your golfing skills when you can easily do so in the comfort of your home? With the help of a golf practice carpet, you can improve your golf swing and putting stroke. 

Golf Practice Carpet

The golf practice carpet can be used in your living room, office, or even outdoor spaces. It is big to stand on and has features that make it seem like you are an actual grass. If you are eager to improve your game, you’ll need to get one of these carpets in your home.

For those who may want to ask, the carpet is too easy to clean and pretty durable. After your practice session, you can easily roll it and store it appropriately.

5. Power Resistance Trainer

If you want to improve your golfing skills, you’ll need to improve your posture, rotational mobility, shoulder mobility, stability, and control during a swing. When it comes to improving your control and stability, there are a few tools to try out. However, one of the best is the power-resistant trainer.

A power-resistant trainer uses wind resistance to build your core muscles. It helps improve your swing path and is ideal for right or left hand.


Buying the necessary home practice golf gear is essential. But do you know what is more important? Buying quality gear that can last long. You can ask for a referral from trusted golf enthusiasts when looking to purchase gear for your home; this will ensure that you get quality equipment. Also, when you get your equipment, prioritize their maintenance so that they can serve you longer.