Interesting Facts From the World of Fitness

Interesting Facts From the World of Fitness

Fitness is an area that, for the most part, we all more or less know. Starting with laymen who know only the meaning of words, through those who deal with it recreationally, all the way to experts who know all the secrets of this sport down to the smallest detail. In this text, we will list some interesting facts from the world of fitness. This is information that, in addition to being interesting, can also be useful to us.

Steps in walking and jumping

This is a great exercise for defining the buttocks and thighs. One study on football players showed that a step in walking shapes the tendons of the knee and accelerates their recovery after an injury,
Jumping means jumping and changing legs when stepping. This is a more demanding exercise and increases the speed of the sprint. It is very effective for shaping the lower part of the body.

Training on the ball against training on a solid surface

Many fitness enthusiasts perform exercises on an unstable surface, such as a Pilates ball. Their goal is to activate the muscles of the torso. Research has shown that performing squats, deadlifts or push-ups behind the head on a ball is not more effective than performing the same exercises on a solid surface.

Training on the gym ball.

During training, an individual must stabilize the basic muscles in order to be able to do the exercise. Therefore, exercises on an unstable surface reduce the contractions of these muscles. Of course, this interesting fact can be useful to us.

Vibration training

Exercising on a platform that vibrates is very attractive and popular for some. But research has shown that exposure to vibration can endanger health. Vibration training sometimes causes stress or anxiety. It can also damage skin or muscles.
However, this type of training, if shorter, can reduce back pain and improve movement in people with multiple sclerosis.
So, we still need a lot of research and various experiences to be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this training.

Lifting the legs with bent knees

Another interesting thing – this exercise is best for sit-ups. Canadian experts have determined that these exercises affect the abdominal muscles and reduce the activity of the hips. Lifting the legs with bent knees, without the help of the arms, leads to the greatest abdominal activity. The movements of the shoulders and neck, as well as the hips, are reduced to minimal activity.
Exercises with less weight

Exercises with bent knees.

Weight training is very effective for obese people. In one study, scientists came to an interesting conclusion. Obese subjects in their forties were tested. With moderate weight training, 3 times a week, they increased their energy consumption by 126 calories. This may not have significantly reduced body fat, but it is still worth mentioning.


In this text, we have pointed out only a few interesting facts that exist in fitness. There are probably many more. About them, perhaps, on another occasion.