How to Get Started in MMA

How to Get Started in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is an exciting and dynamic combat sport that blends various grappling and striking strategies to knock opponents. At the moment, it is the most rapidly developing sport worldwide, with 1000 professional fighters. Due to the sport’s phenomenal rise in popularity, there is also an increase in innumerable gyms and training centers.

Mixed Martial arts training is quite a daunting task, and you have to be careful if you have yet to gain experience in combat sports. The following article provides valuable insights to learn the basics of MMA for beginners.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?


MMA refers to the fighting sport in which fighters use techniques and strategies to dominate one another. These strategies include hitting, finishing grips, and submission skills. It also utilizes many martial arts techniques like punches, kicks, joint locks, chokes, and takedowns.

What Are The Main Pillars Of MMA?

To become a master or flourish in MMA, you must adhere to the fundamental principles of MMA, which are learning the following;

⦁ Grappling Strategies:

Grappling is an important element to learn MMA, and one must have good grappling skills to become a successful athlete. It comprises Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, Judo and Sambo styles. It requires better technique and less force.

⦁ Striking Techniques:

Striking refers to strikes with any part of your body to your opponent. In mixed martial arts, punches, kicks, and elbow strikes will do. While participating in boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai, you can learn striking strategies.

Things To Consider To Start MMA

MMA start

Here is a list of a few tips that every beginner must know to start mixed martial arts.

⦁ Choose the Striking Style:

You should work on your punching and kicking techniques if you wish to be a well-rounded fighter. The most popular stand-up sports to learn MMA are;

Muay Thai focuses on kicks, ring maneuvers, and punches.

Boxing mainly emphasizes a range of powerful punches.

Karate and Tae Kwon mainly operate on punches and kicks.

⦁ Choose the Grappling Style:

Being a well-rounded fighter requires not just striking ability but also grappling and wrestling skills. The common grappling techniques are;

Judo focuses mostly on throws and locks.

BJJ practitioners are experts at both crushing and submitting their rivals.

⦁ Searching The Gym:

Find the MMA-offering gyms, visit them, and evaluate them based on the desired results. In smaller towns and areas, there can be just one gym nearby, while larger areas provide you with multiple options. Look up the nearby gyms online, take a look around, read some reviews, and, if you can, talk to some of the members. Decide which gym best suits your goals.

⦁ Getting The Safety Gear:

Safety is paramount in combat sports. Therefore, it is necessary to get protective MMA gear before going for a workout. Safety Gear in combat sports includes everything from gloves and mouthguards to training essentials and performance attire. This equipment protects you from potential injuries and fractures.

⦁ Master the Fundamentals First.

You must become adept in fundamental blows and grappling techniques if you want to advance in mixed martial arts. The four fundamental punches are uppercuts, straights, hooks, and jabs. Additionally, you should practice your roundhouse kicks and pushes during workout training. Before moving on to more complex tactics, practice getting the hang of these fundamental ones.

⦁ Focused Sparring:

Practice alone will not make you a skilled fighter; you need to engage in real combat as well. Sparring is among the most important things to learn when learning any martial art. Frequent sparring exposes you to a wider variety of MMA techniques, which makes it easier for you to adjust to diverse opponents.

⦁ Consistency is The Key:

You lose technique and negate the physical gains of training when you lose consistency. MMA programs offer a rigorous full-body workout that enhances flexibility and mobility in addition to strengthening muscles. The probability of becoming proficient in the newly acquired maneuvers rises with regular training. Indeed, perfection comes from practice.

⦁ Watch Fight Videos:

Watch combat videos to improve your fighting skills in the cage. When you watch MMA fights, especially the elite ones, you can see how skilled fighters respond to various circumstances. They let you experience, envision, and forecast a variety of probable events and scenarios, refining your techniques.

⦁ Follow A Healthy Diet Program:

Healthy diet

Develop a fitness program that goes along with your MMA training to enhance your performance in the cage. Dieting aids in reducing extra body fat on your frame, while strength training and conditioning boost muscle mass and strength. Remember that our bodies cannot train at their best without a healthy diet.


It is not easy to start MMA. Training requires many abilities to master and is taxing on the body and mind. However, it could also rank among your life’s most fulfilling endeavors. Incorporate the above-mentioned tips and tricks in your training and elevate your game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn MMA by myself?

It is possible to begin practicing martial arts at home. The question is whether you can do it well or not. It is not a wise decision to train at home if your goal is to become a professional boxer or MMA fighter. Actually, a lot of martial arts include fighting; therefore, you’ll need to locate a sparring partner.

Is there an age limit to start mixed martial arts?

The State Athletic Commission stipulates that there is no upper age limit and that the minimum age to compete in the UFC is eighteen. To compete in The Ultimate Fighter Championship, MMA fighters must be between the ages of 20 and 35.

How can I join the UFC?

To enter the UFC, one must possess extraordinary fighting abilities. If you have experience with combat sports, it will take you at least five to six years to get into the UFC. To be eligible for the UFC, however, a novice must first study, practice, compete, and become a master of at least one martial art.

How many years are required to learn MMA?

Your prior experience will determine how much time you need to spend learning mixed martial arts. It will take you two to three years to learn if you have previously trained in a martial art. Only expect five years if you have experience.