How to Find a Good Personal Online Trainer

How to Find a Good Personal Online Trainer

Due to Covid-19, it’s not uncommon for trainers to give online fitness classes. But how do we find a good personal online trainer?

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Covid-19 has shook us all. The gyms and the fitness studios, due to the needs of social distancing, must accommodate very few members. Strict sanitization rules must be followed. This altered reality is also prompting many fitness coaches and health trainers to give online fitness classes.

Some benefits of finding a good online fitness trainer or coach

1. The coach is there for you in the hour of need:

Whenever you have a fitness-related doubt, you can always reach your online coach. Although, getting training from an online coach or fitness trainer does not mean there are no time boundaries, still, it is easier to reach your fitness coach online compared to off-line. Everyone carries a phone these days.

2. You can be more flexible:

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Unless your online fitness trainer is tightly scheduled, you can be flexible sometimes. For example, if you had scheduled a session with your online coach in the afternoon but suddenly one of your kids is going through some existential crisis and you need to be with her, you can reschedule.

3. You can have a unique fitness plan:

A trained and certified fitness trainer will prepare a unique fitness program according to your health and body type. This will save you from injury and wasting time on wrong physical activities. He or she may also help you prepare a nutritional plan.

How to find the most appropriate fitness trainer or coach for your online class?

First of all, what do you look for in an online fitness trainer or coach? You can search on Google? You can ask Siri or Alexa. An easy search can find you online fitness trainers and coaches around your locality.

You can also download an app where you can find online fitness classes and coaches listed. But if you are looking for one-on-one fitness coaching, it is better to look for an online personal coach or trainer.

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Finding a trainer or a coach is easier, choosing the right one for you can be a bit tricky, and this is where this write-up can help you. Here are a few things you can keep in mind:

Have a clear idea of what you are looking

Different trainers and coaches may have different specialties. What are your fitness and health goals? Are you looking for a bodybuilding coach?

Someone who can help you prepare for an athletic event? Someone who helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle over a long period of time?

Different coaches will have different approaches. Hence, have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a trainer or a coach before even beginning your search.

This is precisely the reason why you should train under a certified coach because he or she knows exactly what you must do to achieve your physical fitness goals.

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A certified coach will not offer you a generic template. He or she can advise you on a physical regime and a nutritional diet that is well suited for your health goals. He or she will conduct an analysis after the online interview and help you lay out a plan to help you achieve your ideal weight and body shape.

Some people also prefer a fitness coach they can reach through text messaging or video calling even when a live session is not going. Your coach may offer you a package accordingly.

Check the credentials of your online fitness coach or trainer

Online fitness training is booming. A good thing about this is, people are very vocal about the experience that they have with their fitness coaches and trainers. They are constantly sharing their experience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also check Yelp or some similar service.

Remember that finding the right fitness trainer is extremely critical for your health and fitness. Spend as much time as necessary to check the background of your fitness coach.

Talk to the others getting training from the same coach

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We live in an interconnected world. These days, it is quite easy to find people who might be training under the same trainer. You can either ask your trainer for references or you can do your own research.

Remember that the coach does not just have to be “nice”. He or she should be professional. People must be able to define exactly how they have benefited while being trained by the fitness coach. Ask specific questions.

Use a mobile app to find a good fitness trainer

We slightly touched upon the idea of using a mobile app to find a good fitness trainer. One of the greatest benefits of using a mobile app is that within the listing people can rate their trainer.

If you use a trusted and widely used mobile app to find a good fitness coach who can take your online classes, you can rest assured that all the reviews and ratings given below the listings can be trusted.

Another benefit of using a mobile app, especially a reputed mobile app, is that the instructors are verified. The app will give you every interactive tool that you need to benefit from your online fitness class.

In conclusion…

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Finding a good fitness coach or trainer who can provide you online classes is critical to both short-term and long-term health goals. Unless something drastic happens, the benefit of doing training does not manifest before 5-6 months. It can be very disheartening to realize after such a long time that the fitness trainer you trusted was not capable of delivering what he or she had promised to deliver.

So, even if it takes some time and effort, make sure that you find a good fitness coach or trainer for your online classes.